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I'm not scared! I'm with you!
~ Nanan to Bindi.

Nanan Yoshihara is the central antagonist of the manga Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire. She was a 3rd year student at Marhawa School and daughter of Chef Taro Yoshihara at Bennett University and was brutally bullied by the school's vice president Alisa Lin due to her poor status. After her tragic death that was caused by the headmistress Mother Gracia Delenikas, her best friend Bindi Bergara injected her with a sample of the C-Virus, turning her into a monster and started the outbreak at the school.


Nothing is known about Nanan's background other than that her father, Taro Yoshihara was the manager of a world-famous restaurant before it went bankrupt. He managed to find anew job at Bennett University as a chef, quickly increasing large debts and enrollment Nanan in Marhawa School. This caused Nanan to be bullied by other students who couldn't stand of a poor person attending at the same school as them. Nanan tried to reported the situation to Mother Gracia, who is the head of the school and didn't take it seriously. On the first day, the president of the student council, Bindi Bergara, approached and offers friendship to Nanan, which surprised the latter.

Later that day, Nanan showed Bindi her desk, which had been stained by a bully named Alisa Lin. After explaining her history and declared that she wouldn't let this insult go, on the next day, she showed up breaking Ra-Na Bae's desk with a single punch. Nanan demanded to know who was responsible for her bullying, which the completely scared Ra-Na pointed at Alisa, the vice president of the student council. Nanan threatens Alisa if she tried anything else. Furious by Nanan's threat, She showed up at Nanan's room with five other students to beat her up. However, Nanan defeated all six of them and gotten several injuries. Bindi reported the incident to Mother Gracia, who revealed to have covered up the details to avoid ruining the academy's reputation.

Nanan and Bindi decided to run away from the academy after realizing Gracia's corruption. Both of them sabotaged the academy's vehicles in hopes of delaying being captured. However, Gracia had backup vehicles hidden in a secret garage. Nanan takes down several guards while Bindi was caught by them. While she kept fighting and hit by a stun rod, she slipped and falls onto a rock, breaking her head and died in the process. Her body and distraught Bindi are taken back to the academy and Gracia covered up the incident and claims that Nanan was transferred to another school.

Later, a hooded woman gives a syringe containing the C-Virus to Bindi and injected into Nanan's corpse, turning her into a chrysalid, becoming the first Lepotica. Once the hooded woman discovered that Nanan mindlessly attacks others except Bindi, able to command her. Nanan disguised herself in a black coat to expose the academy's corruption. Their first targets were Alisa and Ra-Na to infect. However, Nanan escaped from Bindi's vigilance and went underground, where Bindi found her infecting five workers. Later, Bindi sends her to the academy's festival to infect the students. The security guard Kapoor spots Nanan on the rooftop, where she fought Ricky, his uncle Doug and the Kapoor. After injuring Doug and infecting Kapoor and killed by Ricky to avoid turning, Nanan returned to Bindi's room and is welcome by her. Bindi originally wanted to select individuals with Nanan to try and reveal the academy's corruption but decides to have Nanan to infect the entire academy for revenge.

In the school's underground, Nanan encounters and fights Chris Redfield but is overpower and sliced in half by the BSAA agent. After Bindi revealed to have injected herself with the C-Virus and mutated, she finds Nanan's remains, she becomes enraged and followed the survivors while carrying her friend's upper half. When Nanan awakens in time to see Bindi killed by the BSAA members, she attempts to launch her tentacles towards Piers Nivans, but ends up impaled Merah Biji instead, who pushed Piers out of the way. Piers uses a heavy machine-gun to furiously shoot at Nanan. Before being exterminated by the gunfire, Nanan sees a vision of Bindi who tells her she had done enough.

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