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Nanette Manoir is the main antagonist of the animated cut-out series Angela Anaconda. She is the arch-rival and enemy of Angela Anaconda, the titular character.


Nanette is a very snobby, selfish girl and a highly manipulative brat. She is considered the teacher's pet and often acts nice around the adults and has most wrapped around her finger.

However, around Angela and her friends, Nanette's true colors are revealed. She treats them poorly, gets Angela into trouble and acts superior around them resulting in Angela calling her "Ninny Poo", "Ninny Wart" and "Nincom Ninny". She has feelings for Johnny Abatti, which he usually rejects.

Though Nanette is American, she is under the delusion that she is completely French and speaks with a French accent. However, her knowledge of the French language is limited as she mistakenly believes some French words have other meanings. Even though her ancestors could have immigrated to America from France, she considers herself as a pure-blooded Frenchwoman instead of a French-American.

Her parents are very snobby as well and don't see how horrible their daughter is. Their snobbishness could be the reason she is a snob in the first place.

Her possibly only friends are January and Karlene, that Angela nicknames the "Copycat Clone Club" as they copy whatever Nanette does, follow her around and when she says anything, January agrees and Karlene agrees "even more". Nanette treats them more like servants than friends.

Since Angela often can't do anything about Nanette since the girl has such control over the adults, especially Mrs. Brinks, their teacher, Angela often fantasizes of revenge against Nanette.

Nanette has gotten in trouble on occasion with Mrs. Brinks, such as the time when Mrs. Brinks heard her true intentions of using her as a puppet for her own selfish desires in her letter to her pen pal resulting in her staying behind to wash the blackboard after school and when she insulted her by saying that Mrs. Brinks' birthday party was organised for nothing. But most of the time, she is never punished for her misdeeds, however in the end Angela has the last laugh when Nanette's nasty deeds backfire or she does something to teach her a lesson.

Like all the other characters on Angela Anaconda, Nanette is created and animated using computer-distorted cutouts of black-and-white photos of an actual person.