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Nao is at first, the main protagonist turned true antagonist of the Junji Ito story The Bully from the 12th volume of his Horror World series. He is responsible for his wife Kuriko abusing their son Hiroshi by abandoning them. 

The Bully

As a child, he moved into a suburban neighborhood with his parents and is introduced to a girl named Kuriko at the playground. Ecstatic, he decided to play with her only for her to bully him on a daily basis, he and his family finally moved out after she unintentionally nearly killed him whilst bullying him.

As he grew older, he developed a deep hatred for her and wished to seek vengeance against her in the most hurtful way possible. Years later, Nao is who now a handsome, young adult finds the adult Kuriko who expressed regret and remorse for her actions. He bonded with her and eventually marries her only to leave her when their son, Hiroshi is born as revenge for bullying him in the past. As a result, four years afterwards Kuriko started abusing Hiroshi and calls him Nao as a surrogate, much to his amusement. 



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