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Nar Est is the main antagonist of the animated fantasy web TV series "Niko and the Sword of Light".

He is voiced by Steven Blum, who also played Vilgax from the Ben 10 series, Smytus from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Starscream from Transformers: Prime and Robots In Disguise, and Dehaka from StarCraft 2.


Long ago, he was the advisor to the king of Corondale. During that time, he was dabbling in shadow magic. That got the attention of the king's brother, Sargous who told the king that he plans to spawn a shadow into their town jewel. When the king went to sleep on it, Nar Est poisoned the king which was incurable.

Once Lyra, daughter of the king, was the next in line to rule, he and his soldiers then went into the palace to overthrow. He then proceeded to the tower where the jewel is to make him powerful. He did it, but once Lyra shattered the jewel, it tampers with his physical body and a result, becomes a phantom. He then traps Corondale in a sphere. With Corondale trapped, he then takes over the world with his darkness, though unable to leave his lair until the shard is completed. Sometimes he faces Lyra's champions, who she trains in her ghost form, while her body is trapped there, with the shard that broke and it transforms into the weapon they chose.

Every time, they are defeated and she transports the shard back so he can't have it. Sometime later, he gains a pet bird named Rasper, who transforms into a giant bird at will.

One of his minions was defeated and the darkness was flown back to him. He notices that the champion appeared early, but he does not care. He will be ready until then. In "From the Sky Maze of Anguish to the Swamp of Sorrow" h

He then transforms a monkey into a creature of darkness. He then says that once he gets the shard back, all the people of Corondale will be gone for good.

Once the darkness of his three-headed possum was defeated, he now knows where the location of where they are. He then spies on them with one of his creatures there, which he now knows that the champion is but a child. He then says that one of his creatures will make short work of him. Once he found out that Mugwump was guppie food, he tells Rasper to spread the word he wants to spread the word that he wants them and that shard brought here.

Nar Est meets his former three-headed possum minions who brought him Mandok, who works alongside the champion Niko. He then returns them to monster form. He then forces Mandok to tell them where they are heading, who says they are going to the Pools of Destiny, which will turn him into the champion he is destined to be. He was going to transform him into a monster until Mandok was saying he will be better used to him the way he is. He then gives him a candle, which gives Nar Est a report on what's going and says he is now his spy. In "From the Tumbledowns to the Gap of Gloom" he gloats about that Cornodale's magic will soon run out and then it will be covered in darkness. Rasper tries to break it to pass the time, but then Nar Est says there are other ways to do that. He uses his pool to see where Mendok was, then they found he's with the champion. They are not going to do anything, saying that his agent will make they don't go to the Pools of Destiny. Later, he calls Mandok to make sure he remembers the deal, or he will pay. Later "From the Endless Expanse to the Thorns of Tribulation", he then asks for a report on his job. Mandok then hangs up to go with them. He then sees that they are at the Endless Expanse, and says that this where his agent proves his worth. Rasper wonders he will pull it off, and Mandok says that he better or the consequences will be severe. He asked for a report a second time from Mandok, while Niko and the rest were going through a Bers road. Mandok then lies that something is trying to eat him and cuts him off. Later, when Niko was fighting Jackal, Nar Est's 2nd agent, he wanted a report while Mandok was hanging on a branch almost breaking. Finally, Mandok decides to show his true loyalty by throwing the candle into the pit. He is mad that Mandok betrayed him, but says he's still useful. During his capture, Rasper put a Ping Bettle on him, that allows him to track him. They almost to the pool, but he says they have no idea what's in store for them there. In "From the Cliffs of Catastrophe to the Pools of Destiny" he knows that they are getting closer. He is also running out of minions. He says that his dark hooks are sunk deep into all sorts of useful creatures, even there. He decides to send a minion using the filth from Rasper's claw to go after them. Once Niko was left behind with Mandock and Flicker because they found one of Lyra's champions Aura alive, to defeat him while he remained there. Going through her tent, they found a rock inscribed in runes, which make the candle Mandock was given. That means she is working with Nar Est. Even though Mandock covered it in the dirt, he still was able to identify his voice. He thinks she will give him the shard. Rasper wonders about the Niko, but Nar Est confirms he is no longer a problem. It revealed that Aura was rescued by him before Niko was even born. Later, in "From the Shattering Springs to the Clouds of Chaos", Nar Est is confused as to why they are in the sky and doesn't know what happened at the Pools. He then starts freaking out but calms himself down by saying that thing that will end them is already among them. He is then working his dark magic on the Ping Beetle to transform him. His ping battle then grows to the size of a Kraken, and as usual, it is defeated. Nar Est is then sad until Rasper came up with said to give unsuspecting creature antlers to cheer him up.


  • He is much like the ancient demon Aku from the hit cartoon show Samurai Jack. They are both powerful and have ruled over a long time.
  • He has 3 forms that were shown. One was his human form, the second was his phantom form and the last one was his more powerful form.