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Narayan Shankar is the anti-hero of Mohabbatein (2000 Bollywood film). He is the principal of Gurukal school, who forbids romance of any kind. He is portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan.

Shankar is a single father, looking after his only daughter Megha. When he learns that his daughter is in love with a student in his school named Raj Malhotra, he expels Ray without even meeting him. This leads to his daughter committing suicide. This incident made Narayan Shankar more stern.

Some years later, Raj Malhotra returns to the school as a Music teacher, under the name of Raj Aryan. Reluctantly, Narayan Shankar employs Raj not knowing who he truly is. Slowly, Narayan Shankar notices that Raj is changing Gurukal and decides that he must be fired. It is at this point that Raj reveals his true identity to Narayan, who decides to challenge him - so begins a war between love and hate.

When three students begin to break the rules by falling in love, Narayan Shankar is furious and decides that the boys are to be expelled. However, Mr. Aryan persuades Narayan that he (Mr. Aryan) is the one responsible for their actions so he should be leaving. Ultimately, Narayan is convinced that his actions are wrong and steps sown as principal of Gurukal and allows Mr. Aryan to take over.