Narek was an antagonist introduced in the Star Trek: Picard pilot Remembrance. He was a male Romulan and a member of the Zhat Vash.

He was portrayed by Harry Treadaway.

Narek grew up in family that included a deceased brother and an older sister who infiltrated the Federation under the name Narissa Rizzo. Narek's secret name was Hrai Yan. Growing up he became a member of the secret Zhat Vash organization, and like all their members had a fanatical hatred of all artificial life.

Learning of the existence of an advanced android named Soji Asha who was descended from the late Commander Data, Narek travelled to the Borg Reclamation Site where Asha was working. Striking up a relationship with the young woman, he attempted to learn all he could about her and plant a seed of doubt in her as to her origins.

Walking Asha through a Zhal Makh meditation, Narek was able to learn of the possible origin of Asha. Locking her in the Zhal Makh chamber, he attempted to poison her with radioactive gas but the danger activated Ash, who smashed her way through the floor and escape.

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