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"Narissa Rizzo" was a female Romulan antagonist featured in the first season of the television series Star Trek: Picard.

She was portrayed by Peyton List.

An agent of the Zhat Vash, her actual name is unknown. Rizzo is the identity she used when she infiltrated the Federation Starfleet in the late 24th century. Rizzo grew up in a family that included a deceased brother, another brother named Narek, and an Aunt named Ramdha.

In 2385 Rizzo traveled with her Aunt Ramdha and a group of other Zhat Vash initiates to the planet Aia. There the Zhat Vash leader Oh had them participate in the Admonition, a message the Zhat Vash believed to be a warning to never allow synthetic lifeforms develop. The Admonition was actually an ancient message from a group of synthetic life forms to other synthetic lifeforms that might follow, but was such that organic brains could not handle the stream of information. With the exception of her Aunt, all the other initiates committed suicide upon seeing the message, leaving only Rizzo standing and coherent.

Following her experience with the Admonition, Rizzo helped Oh reprogram the synths working on Mars to carry out a devastating attack on Mars. In the aftermath the Federation banned synthetic life forms. Like Oh, Rizzo also infiltrated Starfleet in the guise of a young human female, using the Rizzo identity. By 2399 she held the rank of Lieutenant in Starfleet.

After finding a biological android named Dajh Asha, Rizzo sent a team to kill the young android. The operation did not go as planned, with the strike team being killed and Dajh being activated. Dajh went to Jean-Luc Picard for assistance but was killed by Zhat Vash operatives a short time later. Oh chastised Rizzo for botching the operation to kill Dajh.

Learning that Narek had found Dajh's twin sister Soji working on a derelict Borg cube known as the Artifact, Rizzo abandoned her cover identity and traveled to the cube to oversee Narek's attempts to find out where Soji came from. She was critical of his attempts to seduce the information out of Soji, and felt that he was being manipulated by her.

After Soji learned the truth of who she was, Narek and Rizzo attempted to kill her but she escaped with Picard. Rizzo set about murdering many of the ex-Borgs in order to get the project director Hugh to reveal where he had sent Picard and Soji. Rizzo later murdered Hugh.


Rizzo disguised as a human.

When the Borg cube was reactivated by Seven of Nine Rizzo ordered the Borg drones flushed out into open space, killing nearly all of them. She survived when the Artifact crashed on Soji's homeworld of Coppelius. Confronting Seven of Nine, Rizzo fought with her. Seven gained the upper hand and pushed her off a ledge to her death, claiming the act was for her friend Hugh.

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