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Naruto Kuroki is the main antagonist of Part 1 in Pumpkin Night. He is the archenemy of Naoko Kirino, with him being the catalyst for her becoming a serial killer. He is also the son of Tatsuo Kuroki and Sae Kuroki.


Naruto is of a ugly personality, being a narcissist who cares little for anyone, even his own friends. Naruto also may be psychopathic in nature, for he was the one responsible for burning Naoko's face during the Pumpkin Queen event by putting sulfuric acid and filling polyethylene bags into the pumpkin head. He isn't completely heartless however, as when he is killed by Kazuya Makino, he shows remorse over his actions.


From the start of the story, Naruto was seen as a aggressive abuser towards Naoko due to her supposed oddness and lack of eye-pleasing features, with bullying ranging from forcing her to damage her hair or clothes or pure assault. Even Kazuya, who actually liked her, had too little of a spine of help her out. The Pumpkin Queen stunt was also Naruto's fault, having manipulated Naoko to take the crown before pouring sulfuric acid and taping polyethylene bags to the pumpkin mask, resulting in Naoko taking horrible burns and driving her to madness. Nomizu, a student who presumably helped arrange the party, was the only one to figure out Naruto being behind the incident.

Kazuya later chases down and corners Naruto in an alley, killing the bully even after his attempts to ask for forgiveness.