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Nat, Pat, and Matt are the secondary antagonists in the 2007 direct-to-video animated Barbie film, Barbie as The Island Princess. They are the rats who served as the pets of Queen Ariana.

Nat is voiced by Scott Page-Pagter and Pat is voiced by Ian James Corlett.


Nat, Pat, and Matt were sealing on the rats cage upon as which their owner, Ariana wants to forced Antonio, a prince of Apollonia who is originally married her loyal daughter, Princess Luciana, only too for that to encountered Rosella and her animal friends, who were arriving in Apollonia. During this time is entered in the bedroom, Ariana speaking with her daughter as well as makes her does these matters on that, the three rats dancing as their owner was becomes more gloats, which all of them are share a funniest. They were enduring loyalty to Ariana upon going up is tries to worked with her, Luciana knowing that her mother is completely greedy rather than Rosella.

Before joined the celebration of the wedding from Antonio and Luciana, Ariana tries to executed Apollonia rulers, King Peter and Queen Danielle, which was because they are murdered her parents, so then but leads them banished or falling into pig pen by many years. Makes be aspect working into poisoned the foods with instructions right it while way, Nat, Pat, and Matt shortly noticing that Ariana is offers the poisoning powder called sunset herb which she releasing the rats and helps them causing all being falling into ill. Also, Ariana could tricks the rats but gives them a less of cheeses. Nat, Pat, and Matt begin poisoning the animal foods with help of their owner, which leads Rosella is being blaming and sending into dungeon.

When the bird, Tiny telling Rosella about Ariana, who wanting lets the rats by poisoned the foods then leads all the animals into sick. Before exposing Ariana's nefarious plans, Rosella decides to saving the animals as she had gained healing tonic to helping cure which hurry up returning to the kingdom along with her animals friends. Antonio must released Rosella just he marrying Luciana yet dealing with his father afterwards as their wedding were cancelled. Through meaning risks out from troubles by all people of Apollonia, Rosella revealing that Ariana is truly using the sunset herb putting into the wedding foods, which Nat, Pat, and Matt, who are trying to eating the cakes have feeling that about is presenting to failing out until they faints.


  • They are an antagonists whom had considered a rodents, in others was the Mouse King and his soldiers from Barbie in the Nutcracker.


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