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Great work. I am pleased with your performance.
~ Lotus congratulating the Tenno after a successful mission.
I am the witness, the victim, the judge. My family has returned. Your trial... soon to begin.
~ Natah's warning to the Tenno.

Natah, better known as the Lotus, is the deuteragonist of the MMO third person shooter Warframe.

The enigmatic leader and acting mother of the Tenno, the protectors of balance and stability in the chaotic Origin System, Natah is in actuality a Sentient spy sent to destroy the Orokin Empire from within and daughter of Hunhow. While successful in her mission, she refused to destroy the Tenno at the last moment and instead took them in as her own children.

Following the return of the Sentients however, Ballas reactivated her programming as a Sentient and took control of her, causing her to become once again loyal to the rest of her species. The true nature of her betrayal and adoption of the mantle of Lotus is cast in a more ambiguous light, involving brainwashing from the Orokin, Sentients or both. For the time being, she has returned to her Old War persona and aids her brother Erra in waging war on the Tenno and the Origin System.

In her old identity she serves as the secondary antagonist of the Sacrifice quest, the overarching antagonist of the Hostile Mergers event, an unseen antagonist in the Scarlet Spear event, the main antagonist of the Orphix Venom event and the central antagonist of the New War quest.

She is voiced by Rebecca Ford.


As the Lotus, Natah looks like an ordinary human woman and wears a skin-tight purple suit with two long pieces of cloth hanging off from her torso down to her feet. Her most notable feature however is her head, which is almost entirely concealed by a large purple helmet with multiple cables extending from its back.

Natah's appearance is drastically different in her true Sentient form. Remnants of her human disguise remain in her torso, namely her face, chest and arms. Her face is split apart into seperate parts however and the rest of her head is missing entirely.

Her Sentient body is bulky and twice as big as her human form, featuring two large arms capable of unleashing energy blasts powerful enough to shatter Warframes and two smaller, elongated arm-like appendages she uses for lifting objects and people. Her real head has a long neck and closely resembles her Lotus helmet.


As the Lotus, Natah has a primarily stoic and professional attitude towards most situations, rarely showing much emotion besides frustration at being withheld information from or being provoked by allies. Lotus does show a considerably more soft if still stoic side towards children and especially her Tenno operatives, all of whom she considers her own children, treating their failures with understanding, being hesitant to send them on missions she believes too dangerous and going so far as risking her own life to come to the aid of a Tenno moments from being killed permanently. The only time she willingly abandoned her Tenno was when she realized the awakening of the dormant Sentients in the Origin System might be imminent, going off the grid to cover her own tracks, something she later regretted.

The extent to which this personality is truthful to her real self or artificially implanted into her is unknown however. With her return to the Sentients, Natah has become far more resentful of the Tenno, though she also questions her own purpose and the story that her own brother has told her.


The Old War

For much of the Old War, the Sentients had the upper hand in their genocidal campaign against their creators. The introduction of the Tenno finally turned the tides of war in favor of the Orokin by utilizing their Void-based abilities, which is poisonous to the Sentients. Aware that they are fighting a losing battle, Hunhow, the leader of the Sentient armies in the Origin System, devised a desperate plan to let the Orokin win the war and destroy them from within. His youngest and last daughter Natah, a Sentient with the ability to shapeshift, was chosen to infiltrate the Orokin, gain the trust of the Tenno, lead them to wipe out the Orokin and then dispose of the Tenno to prepare for the eventual reawakening of her kin.

The full details under which his plan unfolded are still unknown. At some point Natah was discovered by the Orokin and reprogrammed to fight on the Orokin's side, confronting her brother Erra on Earth's moon during one of the final assaults of the Sentients. Having taken the appearance of Margulis, the only Orokin to show the Tenno kindness, Natah ordered the Tenno with her to destroy Erra. Continuing with the plan, Hunhow deliberately let the Tenno destroy his physical body and end the war with an Orokin victory. But while the Orokin changed something within Natah to make her believe the Sentients were her enemy, she did continue her father's plan, likely partially out of a remaining trace of her true self and due to the fact that the Tenno had long since wanted justice for the Orokin's constant cruelty towards everyone around them and their murder of Margulis. At the day of the celebratory ceremony the Tenno turned their blades against their masters, causing the final collapse of the Orokin Empire.

But while she had nearly completed her mission despite her brainwashing, Natah stopped at the final step. She couldn't destroy the Tenno. Like all Sentients, the travel to the Origin System had left her barren, unable to have children of her own. Be it due to this or her Orokin reprogramming, Natah adopted the Tenno as her own children. She cast off her old name and became the Lotus.

Life as the Lotus

The Sacrifice

Hostile Mergers

Prelude to War

Chimera Prologue


Scarlet Spear

The Maker

Orphix Venom

The New War

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

The Lotus appears as one of the many spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with The Lotus being introduced in the "Spirits in Black" spirit event as the game's only form of Warframe representation as of writing. An Advanced-rank Neutral-type spirit, her spirit enhances to her true form of Natah, which is an Ace-rank spirit that grants the user longer transformations. In her spirit battle, the player must fight a Bayonetta on the Battlefield form of Frigate Orpheon, in which the only special condition is the common appearance of Gray Fox's assist trophy.




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