If I had, you'd have known about it
~ Natalie Buxton to Al Mackenzie after stamping on her with her heels, potentially breaking her ribs.

Natalie Buxton is a villain in the British TV drama Bad Girls. She is depicted as a violent sociopath who terrorizes, manipulates and hurts anyone who gets in her way.

She was portrayed by Dannielle Brent.


She is first brought to Larkham Hall after being arrested for tax fraud. It is later revealed that her language school for children (she is introduced as an angelic school teacher) is a front for sex trafficking; she had smuggled several refugee children into the country - some of whom she herself had molested - to sell as sex slaves. When she arrives at Larkham Hall for the second time she is picked on by the other inmates who catch wind that she is a nonce (prison slang for child molester). Another inmate, Al Mackenzie, who is part of a group of inmates protesting against the fact that Natalie is been sent to a dorm with "youngsters" is urged to go to Natalie's dorm to teach her a lesson, by cutting her with a concealed straight razor in order to presure the prison staff to move her elsewhere, however Natalie turns the tables and beats Al up by shoving her at the cell wall and when a bruised Al falls to the ground she stamps on Al with her black high heels, nearly cracking Al's ribs. During her time in prison, she also develops an intense rivalry with fellow inmate Pat Kerrigan, who was convicted of stabbing her abusive boyfriend.

During her time at Larkham, she controls virtually every criminal activity in the prison, from running numbers rackets to making and selling crystal meth. She also blackmails, intimidates and gaslights prisoners and guards alike to make them do her bidding.

In one episode, Buxton nearly escapes from prison during a furlough, while under escort by a prison officer. She attacks the officer, hand-cuffs him to a table and runs away. However, she is soon recaptured and brought back to Larkham Hall.


Buxton vs. Kerrigan

Her rivalry with Kerrigan finally reaches its climax when the two fight in the prison's backyard. At the end of the brutal showdown, Kerrigan strikes Buxton several times with a brick, killing her.