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Natalie Hawkings

Natalie Hawkings is the main antagonist from "Parasite Lost", episode 4.05 of Supergirl.

She was portrayed by Michelle Krusiec.


Natalie Hawkings is the mother of Elizabeth Hawkings, and the revealed former lover of alien healer Amadei Derros. Amadei was the subject of Kara Danvers' latest interview, though later in the episode, Amadei was found clinging to life, as his healing amulet (which he uses to heal aliens) was taken from him. Kara and J'onn Jonzz ended up at the Hawkings household when it was revealed that an image of Elizabeth was the last thing Amadei saw, and the duo ended up encountering Natalie during their meeting with Elizabeth, with Natalie wielding a knife.

It was at that moment that Amadei was revealed not only as Natalie's lover, but as Elizabeth's biological father. Natalie made the reveal in response to Kara and J'onn's suspicions about Elizabeth, revealing that they had a one night stand that resulted in Elizabeth's conception and birth. She also claimed that Amadei cut off all ties with her when she became pregnant, and never bothered to contact his daughter. However, photos of Amadei and Natalie together revealed that not only did they meet more than once, but that Natalie was the true villainess, as she stole the amulet.

Kara and J'onn's second confrontation with Natalie revealed everything:  she was still scorned over Amadei breaking up with her, and Elizabeth ended up as an unwitting victim of Natalie's revenge, as she callously revealed that she intercepted all of Amadei's letters to Elizabeth. She also became bigoted against aliens as well, as she found out that a sinister anti-alien group known as Children of Liberty needed Amadei's amulet to destroy aliens, and after reading the online ad, the evil Natalie stole Amadei's amulet and gave it to the group. During her confession, Natalie revealed her true heel persona and voiced her agreement with the Children of Liberty about aliens, referring to them as "roaches" (the common anti-alien slur), while also accusing J'onn and Kara of turning Elizabeth against her. It can be assumed that Natalie was taken into custody for her villainous actions.


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