Natasha Divac

Natasha Divac

Natasha Divac is a villainess in the episode "Escape Plan" of NCIS: New Orleans.

She was portrayed by Anya Monzikova.


Natasha Divac is a member of a smuggling syndicate led by notorious criminal Gordan Bogdan (nicknamed "Bogdan the Butcher").

Bogdan was held in Lafitte Prison, and with that, Natasha and her cohort, Stefan, planned to break him out; beginning with playing the popular "Escape Proof" video game. The game's main focus was breaking inmates out of prison, and after seeing a list of the top scorers, the group planned to kidnap the person leading the list: Navy Lt. Michael Reid.

In the beginning of the episode, Natasha was shown approaching Reid, posing as a frantic woman panicking over her husband. Once Reid is lured into helping her, Stefan subdued Reid with a stun gun, and he and Natasha abducted him. However, Reid refused to help them in their plans, leading to the group torturing and killing him.

The group then decided to go after the #2 scorer, Sebastian Lund, and later in the episode, the evil Natasha used her same ruse on him, leading to his abduction. Sebastian was tied up and placed next to Lafitte Prison guard Henry Perotti, who was shot and killed by the ringleader, Alex Novak. Sebastian was posed as Perotti to unwillingly participate in the escape, which he used to send a message of help to Dwayne Pride and the rest of NCIS. Following Sebastian's diversion, Natasha was shown escaping and firing shots at an oncoming Chris Lasalle, only to be shot (non-fatally) by Tammy Gregorio. The villainess was later handcuffed and arrested.

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