Hello dollink...
~ Natasha's introduction

Natasha Fatale is a recurring antagonist of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, the titular main character of the 1992 film Boris and Natasha: The Movie, and one of the two secondary antagonists of the 2000 film The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Along with Boris and Fearless Leader, Natasha returns as a recurring antagonist in Dreamworks’ The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.


A foreign spy and the partner of Boris Badenov. Both of the evil agents try to carry out the orders of their superior, Fearless Leader, which usually involves Rocky and Bullwinkle. At one time when Boris Badenov grives over the loss of the foreign spy, he calls on Lubek for assistance against Natasha O'Brien, another foreign spy who is a princess from another country, sent by King Carl.


Natasha appears as a very slim woman, wearing a purple dress that goes from the breasts to her knees. Wears black lipstick or sometimes red, and wears black high heels. Black hair brushed back while curly by her shoulders. In the animated cartoon, her skin is pale white while in the live-action film is light pink. She puts on mascara. In the cartoon, her eye color is black while the 3D animation is green.


Natasha sometimes has a temper against Boris and Fearless Leader when their plans fail. Her anger increases when trying to eliminate Rocky and Bullwinkle. There are some cases that Natasha shows her love and affection towards Boris, which she calls him "dollink", with her Russian accent.


In the 1959 series, she was voiced by the late June Foray, who also voiced other villains such as:

In the 1992 film, she was portrayed by Sally Kellerman.

In the 2000 live action film, she was portrayed by Rene Russo.

In the 2014 short film, she was voiced by Lauri Fraser.

In Dreamworks' The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, she is voiced by Rachel Butera.



  • She is around 5'7 and 123 lbs.
  • Natasha's last name "Fatale" depicts from the term "fatality", which means "death".
  • In the 3D animated short, Natasha was voiced by Lauri Fraser. June Foray voiced Rocky instead of reprising Natasha's voice.
  • In Boris and Natasha: The Movie, June Foray made a cameo appearance as a woman asking Natasha for an autograph.


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Natasha Fatale
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