Natasha Radinov
Natasha Radinov, also known as "Bloody Pierce", Natasha Radinov is initially an agent for the K.G.B. and Spetsnaz, but after the fall of the Soviet Union, she contracts her services out as a freelance assassin.


She is proficient in almost every deadly hand weapon in the world, but prefers to work with silent weapons, especially a Welrod silenced pistol and a ballistic knife designed for Spetsnaz use. She also wears a long coat lined with ballistic nylon and Kevlar, the inside lining holding a vast arsenal of weapons.

Radinov prefers to be paid for her services in heroin, which she sells in Russia; she personally stays away from the drug herself. Recently, she had accepted an assignment to kill Rally and May because the two had interfered in a gun-running operation run by Edward Haints, an Illinois assemblyman running for mayor under a gun-control platform. However, when the first attempt fails, and Radinov is injured because of it, she takes it as "a matter of pride" and went after Rally personally. After a game of cat and mouse in a museum, Radinov is killed when Rally empties her gun into the assassin's chest at point blank.

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