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"Nate. Stands for Nathaniel. Do you remember? Dad?".
~ Nate to Cain Dingle

Nathaniel "Nate" Robinson is a fictional character from the long-running British soap opera "Emmerdale". He is an anti-hero turned protagonist as well as the long-lost son of the show's leading anti-hero Cain Dingle.

Due to Cain being absent for the majority of his life, Nate plotted revenge on his dad by having an affair with Moira Barton.


Nate chats up Rhona Goskirk on a night out in April 2019, and they end up kissing outside the club. A few days later, Nate runs into Rhona in the village after getting a job as a farmhand at Butlers Farm but he was fired when Nate has a run-in with Rhona and her boyfriend, and co-owner of the farm, Pete Barton, and in a desperate attempt to cover her infidelity Rhona tells Pete Nate came on to her at the club. However, Pete gives him his job back after Rhona kissed Nate at Hotten night club and then she told him that she already had a boyfriend called Pete.

Nate continued working on the farm for Moira Dingle and soon developed a great dislike for her husband, Cain, and pursued a relationship with Amy Wyatt. However, he soon shows an interest in Moira and starts flirting with her and although she is tempted she brushes off his advances. In late July 2019, Nate kisses Moira in the barn, but Moira tells him they can't go any further. In August 2019, Nate and Moira sleep together but Moira once again tells him it was a mistake. However, late in the month when Cain tells her he's going to Scotland for a few days to help his daughter, takes the opportunity to pursue their affair. 

In early September 2019, after Amy admitted that she and her mother Kerry caused the fire at the factory that killed Frank Clayton, Nate talked to Frank's daughter Tracy to get information. However, Amy got the wrong idea and kicked off, believing he was about to tell her their involvement, angering Nate who walked away. Later, Kerry who wanted to make things right between them went to his trailer where she spotted him and Moira in bed together. She confronts him the following day but Nate blackmails her, saying if she tells Amy he'll go to the police and tell them about the fire. She agrees to not tell Amy if he keeps quiet but demands that he breaks it off with Amy which he does.

After Cain learns of the affair, he takes Moira and Nate out on a boat to confront them. As he and Nate fight, Nate reveals that he is Cain's son.