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It's a means to an end, my white friend. A means to an end. See, I's can play house n****r tills we get to where we're goin'. And then, the Day of the Dog begins.
~ Jones rationalizing working with Cyrus Grissom.

Nathan "Diamond Dogs" Jones is a supporting antagonist in the 1997 action film Con Air. He is an African-American militant terrorist who conspires with criminal mastermind Cyrus Grissom to hijack the plane carrying them and several other criminals to another prison.

He was portrayed by Ving Rhames, who also portrayed Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction.


Nathan "Diamond Dog" Jones is a self-described Black supremacist who preaches a warped philosophy in which Black people fight a race war with whites and exterminate them. He has committed several murders, all of which he claims were acts of "revolution". He authors a book while in prison titled Reflections in a Diamond Eye which, despite its racist and antisocial content, is well-received by critics; at one point, a film adaptation was in the works starring Denzel Washington as Jones.

Behind his rhetoric, however, Jones is simply a gangster and a murderer whose only real cause is himself. For example, while he claims to hate white people, he is more than willing to join forces with white career criminal Cyrus Grissom in a plot to escape from prison. The two of them mastermind a plan to hijack the Jailbird, an airplane on which they and several other convicts are set to board in order to be transferred to a Supermax prison in Mobile, Alabama.

Con Air

Upon boarding the Jailbird with the other convicts, Jones breaks free of his restraints with a pin he had smuggled onboard and kills a guard. During the ensuing chaos, he and Grissom take control of the plane. Jones promises the other prisoners that, if they go along with his and Grissom's plan, they can spend the rest of their lives in a non-extradition country with "suntans, umbrella drinks, and dirty naked freaks".

When they land in Carson City, Nevada, for a scheduled prisoner transfer, Jones wants to kill the remaining guards, but Grissom persuades him to spare their lives so they can disguise them as prisoners and get rid of them; the convicts, meanwhile, dress in the guards' clothes. Meanwhile, Jones helps Grissom free serial killer Garland Greene from his restraints.

Unbeknownst to Jones and the others, one of the prisoners, Cameron Poe, is in fact a parolee who is only onboard to go home to Alabama. Jones takes an immediate dislike to Poe, calling him "hillbilly". Nevertheless, he brags to Poe that he is only playing along with Grissom's plan until they arrive at Lerner Air Field to meet with their contact, drug lord Francisco Cindino; he then plans to kill Grissom and take control of the plane himself.

On Grissom's orders, Jones and Poe inspect the belly of the plane to find out what is slowing them down. They find the lifeless body of one of the prisoners, Pinball, who has been crushed by the plane's tires. When Jones' back is turned, Poe scribbles a message to the police on Pinball's corpse before throwing it out of the plane.

At Lerner Air Field, Jones prepares to execute three guards just for fun, but Poe stops him by persuading Grissom that the guards can be useful as hostages. Poe then winks at Jones, infuriating him. After Grissom kills Cindino for attempting to betray him, Jones warns him about an approaching cadre of police and SWAT officers, and they get into a fierce gun battle in which Jones kills several officers. Nonetheless, the prisoners are forced to board the Jailbird and take off.

During the flight, Jones finds a letter from Poe's daughter and learns that he is due to be released, and figures out that Poe has been working against them the entire time. He alerts Grissom, who is about to kill Poe when the plane is attacked and severely damaged by military helicopters, forcing them to crash-land on the Las Vegas Strip. Jones and Grissom escape one a fire truck, but Poe and Air Marshal Vince Larkin pursue them on the former's motorcycle, which they ram into the truck, killing Jones as the vehicle explodes in a ball of flame.


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