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Nathan Cross: I want every single unit after the guy.
Cross' Partner: Everyone?
Nathan Cross: EVERYONE!
~ Nathan Cross ordering his unnamed partner to send the entire police force to apprehend the Player, his most famous quote.
SIT DOWN! How ya been? It's time to settle a little score from Rockport, ya think?
~ Nathan Cross confronting the Player again and about to arrest them after they wrecked their BMW in the canyon, and another one of his famous quotes.

Sergeant Jonathan "Nathan" Cross, also known simply as Cross, is a major antagonist of the Need for Speed video games franchise.

He is the secondary antagonist in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and later a minor antagonist in Need for Speed: Carbon. Originally, Cross was a former police officer of the Rockport Police Department before getting fired and becoming a bounty hunter in Need for Speed: Carbon. He also makes a cameo appearance in Need for Speed: Payback, but it is unknown if this is actually canon or not.

He was portrayed by Dean McKenzie, with his voice being provided by Chris Williams.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Cross debuts in the prologue of Need for Speed: Most Wanted when the Player arrives in Rockport to look for a race. After following Mia Townsend, suddenly they are stopped by Cross and Mia manages to escape. Cross steps out of his Corvette C6, showing the Player his police badge and chuckles. Cross compliments the Player’s BMW M3 GTR before commenting on it being a race car. Cross' unnamed female partner asks the Player to take a peek under the hood and Cross agrees, mocking the Player. Cross then threatens to tear the Player’s car apart and the entire racing scene of Rockport in general. He opens the door and demands the Player exit the car; however, the RPD send a radio coded message about a street race going on, and to Cross’ disappointment, he shuts the door and warns the player they won't be so lucky. With that said, Cross pulls out his key and keys the Player’s car, sarcastically replying "Nice pinstripe!" He then gets into his Corvette with his partner and drives off.

Later on in the game, after Razor tampers with the Player’s car and they loses the race, the RPD arrive and with no way to escape, Cross comes in the scene and arrests the Player alongside his unnamed female partner. Due to lack of evidence, the Player is released and picked up by Mia.

Cross will later call the Player twice and mock him in the calls. Hereafter, when the Player hits Blacklist member #5, Cross will tell the player that he’s no longer going to be "Mr. Nice Guy", and he says he’ll take care of the Player himself.

At the epilogue of the game, Cross will arrive on the scene and ask where the Player went. Mia told him that the Player got away. Impatient, Cross orders his unnamed female partner that he wants every police unit after the Player. Soon, the entire RPD chase the Player and Cross calls the Player one last time, "thanking him" for arresting the entire Blacklist. Subsequently, he demands the Player to give himself up. Finally, the Player manages to escape via the old bridge and jumps successfully. Cross is seen braking hard while the Player escapes. After that, Cross issues a warrant for the Player, ranking them on the National Most Wanted list.

Need for Speed: Carbon

Cross makes another appearance in Need for Speed: Carbon. Because of his failure to capture the Player previously, Cross was likely fired by the Rockport Police Department, and he now works as a bounty hunter. As such, he manages to catch up to the Player who is driving through Carbon Canyon to Palmont City and smashes into the rear of the BMW M3 GTR with his Corvette C6 Z06. He continues to pursue the Player's BMW, until they totaled it in a construction zone. Cross rushes over to his cornered foe, informing them he has a score to settle from Rockport. Before he could arrest the Player, Darius arrives and "bails" them from Cross, additionally reprimanding the latter for bounty hunting in the former's territory without approval. Afterwards, Cross leaves and drives off. Before he left and according to a deleted scene, Cross rams the Player's BMW a final time with his Corvette in reverse, presumably damaging its engine, going on to sneeringly apologize and laugh at the Player.

Later, Cross will be seen spying on the Player in a scene between them and Nikki, who are talking about the failed race that made the Player leave Palmont. 

Cross is last seen at the courthouse in Palmont. Paid by Dairus, Cross will cuff the Player and toss the Player's keys to Darius. Nikki arrives and Cross eventually hands the Player's keys to her. Nikki reaches an obligation to pay for the Player's bounty, in a deal that she will race for the Player's crew. Finally, Cross tells Nikki that he’s just a bounty hunter and reminds her to make sure he gets paid. He drives away and is not seen for the rest of the game, implying that he made amends and forgiven the Player, no longer mad at them for their previous crimes.

Need for Speed: Payback

A voice recording from Cross regarding The House is picked up and listened to in the mission "Covert Courier". After hearing it, Jessica Miller believes that Lina Navarro has the Silver Rock Police Department in her payroll, and says "That's NOT good", viewing it as a serious threat. The recording revealed Cross was helping a police officer in Fortune Valley to arrest Gallo Rivera, in addition to turning up the heat on his crew, Silver Six. An unhappy Cross criticized the city's police for being corrupt and said he is going back to Rockport, having enough. Whether or not he was still a bounty hunter or an officer in Fortune Valley, Cross is not heard from again for the rest of the game, assuming he is returning to Rockport to continue his previous job once again.


In Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Cross was seen as an arrogant, rude, and sarcastic police officer who belittled the Player in every positive regard. Cross’ dialogue in Need for Speed: Most Wanted suggests he had a short temper, especially with street racers, and he doesn’t like the racers one bit. This is especially seen during the last scene where he shouts “Everyone!” to his female partner. Cross also has even threatened to pound the Player into the pavement without any remorse. This is likely due to the RPD’s maximum pressure to stop street racing at all costs in Rockport.

In Need for Speed: Carbon, Cross is seen as more sinister, yet less out front. He performs Darius’ dirty business behind the scenes and even spies on the Player and Nikki during one scene. Cross is selfishly and greedily motivated by money rather than performing his duty, and considered the Player his personal enemy. In spite of this, Cross won’t hesitate to cause public property damage, or even use physical force as he totals the Player’s BMW, and can be seen hitting a road sign while the Player speaks to Darius. Cross will also throw the Player to the ground just to serve his client Darius. However, Cross does have a change of heart when Nikki arrives suggesting that he too does not like Darius, for the latter was indirectly responsible for the Player's actions over in Rockport and would disrespectfully mispronounce his name a couple of times.

Despite his harsh exterior and short temper, molded by the pressure of the RPD to bring an end to the street racing scene, Cross is cordial enough to give the Player an opportunity to stop racing in his city or they will face the consequences. Upon further revelation about Darius manipulating the Player to leave Palmont and lying to tarnish the Player's good name, Cross mellowed out a bit more and no longer saw the Player as his foe, especially because he wasn't a cop and had an obligation to bring them to justice, yet he was satisfied with Nikki for paying the bounty on the Player. Not only that, Cross has a strong contempt towards corruption, as exemplified by the behavior within Fortune Valley's law enforcement, when he told a corrupt officer working for The House cartel and Lina Navarro that he was dissatisfied by their abuse of power and immoral methods of apprehending criminals. Although his hatred towards corruption being somewhat hypocritical, for he — during his police days — used to threaten or pick on the Player over the phone whenever he loses his patience, nevertheless, Cross grew to respect the Player and takes pity of them, by demonstrating a degree of mercy towards his enemies, like Gallo Rivera, while fairly upholding the law.


In Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Cross is seen wearing a blue button-up shirt with short sleeves, suspenders, and jeans. He sports an Afro and has brown eyes. He also has a pistol on his side.

In Need for Speed: Carbon, Cross only wears a button-up shirt, pants, and has braids instead.


Cross drives a Chevrolet Corvette in both games featuring a unique vinyl. In Most Wanted, Cross’ Corvette is a standard Corvette C6, but in Carbon, he drives a Corvette C6 Z06.


*holding badge, whistles "hello" then chuckles* Oh man, did you pick the wrong street to run on? *looks around the interior of the Player's car* Wow, this is a nice car! Gauges, shifter, wheel. Is this all for show, or is there something more I should know about?
~ Nathan Cross complimenting on the Player's BMW M3 GTR, then turning suspicious at the fact that it's a race car.
Cross' Partner: *removes sunglasses* I'd like to take a little peek under the hood.
Nathan Cross: Good idea! Let me tell you what's about to happen. We're gonna take your car, tear it apart, and see if it's street legal. You know, I lay odds that it ain't. *to his partner* Get a wrecker down here!
Cross' Partner: Looks like your racing days are over!
Nathan Cross: I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: street racing in Rockport is finished. I've got a beautiful little surprise that's gonna tear you guys apart from the inside out. *opens door, puts his hand on his gun holster* Now get out of the car.
Police Dispatch: Attention patrol division. Units are in a high speed pursuit of multiple vehicles aggressively avoiding custody. Units in the area are directed to clear up to provide cover. *Cross' Partner glares and points at the Player while walking back to Cross' car*
~ Nathan Cross and his partner telling the Player that they'll destroy their BMW M3 GTR after their arrest, yet are interrupted by an emergency call from the police dispatch
*slams door shut* Next time, you won't be so lucky. *pulls out his keys and scratches the car* Nice pinstripe!
~ Nathan Cross saying goodbye to the Player since he couldn't arrest them, and then keys their car.
The U.C. thought you were the one, but you're mine now.
~ Nathan Cross and his partner about to arrest the Player after they lost their BMW to Razor, as well as hinting Mia's undercover profession.
Cross' Partner: Hey? Where's your fancy ride?
Nathan Cross: *chuckles* Who cares? He doesn't need it where he's going. And they're gonna love you in the big house, baby.
~ Nathan Cross to the Player as his partner handcuffs them.
Hello-lo-lo. Hey. I hear you wanna get personal. Now, I wanna let you know you've been moved up in the world. Now, you and I have our own rules. And oh! If you're wondering how I got your number, let's just say not everyone out there is your friend. Especially when they need to get their ride out of lock up. *chuckles deeply* You have a good night. I'll be seein' ya. *chuckles*
~ Nathan Cross leaving a message to the Player over the phone.
I'm gettin' tired of cuttin' you slack. No more Mr. Nice Guy! I'm gonna pound you into the pavement. And, by the time I'm done with you and your ride, there'll be nothing left. Now you better believe I'll be seein' ya.
~ Nathan Cross threatening the Player in another message over the phone.
Hey! Hey! Homies, look! Can you still say "homie"? I don't even know — I'm from old school. Hey look, how ya doin'? Looks like being a good driver doesn't mean you got good taste. I thought you guys were supposed to be all about street rep. What? No, I'm playin', I'm playin'. I don't mean to front like that. What's the deal with that ride of yours? Don't you care about how it looks? I mean, man...maybe I can help you out with some pinstripes — my personal favorite. I look forward to bustin' you...again, and again, and again. So look, get some rest. I'll be seeing' ya.
~ Nathan Cross leaving another message, mocking the Player and looking forward to bust them.
Nathan Cross: Where's the other guy?
Mia: He got away.
Nathan Cross: You mean to tell me the Most Wanted street racer happened to get away? What about the Blacklist?
Mia: Forget the Blacklist. They're through.
~ Nathan Cross being informed by Mia that the Player escaped, much to his frustration and impatience.
Hey hotshot! Hey, thanks for helping us out! We've been able to pick up every Blacklist racer, thanks to you! Now I'll take that into consideration if you give yourself up! So, what's it gonna be?
~ Nathan Cross telling the Player they were manipulated into arresting the entire Blacklist, before demanding them to turn themself over.
Hey, guess who's back?
~ Cross finally locating the Player in the canyon, and another one of his famous quotes.
Darius: I don't remember asking for your help, Crock. What makes you think you could bounty hunt in Silverton without my approval?
Nathan Cross: It's
Darius: Been a long time, kid. What's his bounty?
Nathan Cross: $150K.
~ Nathan Cross telling Darius about the Player's history in Rockport and their bounty, while correcting him on his name.
Woah! Damn! My bad, Romeo, my bad! Look, we'll catch up real soon. You have yourself a nice night! *laughs*
~ Nathan Cross to the Player after he reverses his Corvette right into their now-totaled BMW (deleted scene).
I'm just a bounty hunter, and I always get paid. Just make sure I do.
~ Nathan Cross reminding Nikki to pay him after the latter made a deal with the former to race alongside the Player against Darius.
You're damn right I'm not happy! To hell with this! I'm going back to Rockport.
~ Nathan Cross fed up with the corruption in Fortune Valley's police force and decided to leave for Rockport.



  • According to Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Cross is the best driver in the Rockport Police Department.
  • Cross' rank in the RPD was a sergeant.
  • The scene in which Cross shouts "EVERYONE!" in Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a reference to the famous quote said by Norman Stansfield in the 1994 film Leon the Professional.
  • Cross appears in Heat Level 5 or 6 pursuits in both Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Need For Speed: Carbon.
    • His police cruiser is noticeably heavier to take out than other police cars.
    • He’s usually surrounded by two or three Federal Cruisers.
    • If one manages to wreck Cross' Corvette, they will receive a bounty of one hundred thousand.
    • Although Cross is a bounty hunter in Need For Speed: Carbon, he strangely appears in police pursuits, driving his police Corvette from the previous game. His vehicle has the Rockport Police Department emblem, despite working alongside the Palmont Police Department.
    • Despite having made peace with the Player in the career mode of Need for Speed: Carbon, Cross can still be encountered in pursuits, even if one were to complete the game.
    • Audio from Need for Speed: Most Wanted dedicated to Cross during pursuits is not included in Need for Speed: Carbon.
  • The Player can unlock Cross' Corvette Z06 in Rewards Cards in Need for Speed: Carbon. The player can also drive his car in Challenge Series #3 in Carbon.
  • It is possible to make Cross' Corvette Z06 via regular customization methods in Need For Speed: Carbon.
    • However, the player must use nlgzgrn's fan-made Extra Options script to access the proper vinyl. Which can be downloaded for free.
      • However, his Corvette Z06's body kit was overlaid on top the stock body.
        • The overlaid body kit issue was fixed in the Improvement Mod of Need for Speed: Carbon.
        • It can also be fixed with Binary.
        • You can also access these using basic hex codes using either Cheat Engine, Notepad++, or a simple hex editor.
  • Cross makes a cameo appearance in Need For Speed: Payback, where he said he is returning to Rockport.
  • Cross is the first law enforcement antagonist in the Need for Speed series.
  • Darius seems to know Cross because both were likely acquaintances prior to the Need For Speed: Most Wanted/Need For Speed: Carbon storyline.
  • The Player has a one-hundred and fifty thousand bounty, according to Cross in Need For Speed: Carbon.
    • This could have been a continuity error because the Player's bounty should have been greater than Razor's from the previous game.


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