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Nathan Williams is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders. He served as a major antagonist in 2001 and 2002 respectively.

In his storyline, Nathan is the estranged illegitimate son of established character Roy Evans and the half-brother of Barry Evans. This was first disclosed after it had transpired that Nathan's business parnter, Jane, was actually his mother who had previously been employed by Roy before the pair ended up having an extramartial affair that led to Nathan's birth. Soon enough Nathan sought revenge against both Roy and Barry, which consequently led to his own exit from the square after his attempts to seduce Barry's wife Natalie had ultimately failed.

The character was portrayed by Doug Allen.


Nathan Williams first came to Albert Square, a fictional borough in East London, from November 2001. He gets acquainted with local resident Mel Healy and they begin a relationship after she discloses about her two failed marriages - one being a short-lived wedding with her first husband Ian Beale, and most recently her second marriage with nightclub owner Steve Owen has collapsed over the extent of his illict activities.

It soon becomes clear that Mel is dating Nathan to make Steve jealous, partly because Steve is the reason why Mel's former boyfriend Dan Sullivan had kidnapped her and held her ransom due to his conflict with Steve. In the end, however, Steve manages to woo Mel back in a reconcilation; she also dumps Nathan after seeing him cheat on her with another woman and then witnessing him calling her a "slapper" due to the fact that he merely uses women to his own advantage. In 2002, despite their differences, Nathan steps in to defend Steve when he is attacked and beaten up by his archenemy Phil Mitchell at the square's local public house - The Queen Victoria.

By then, Nathan seems to have taken an interest at the local car lot called "Evans & Son Cars". He soon meets up with the lot's owner, Roy Evans, and presents himself as the business partner of Roy's potential client Jane. As time goes on, however, it is soon revealed that Nathan is actually Jane's son and that she had extramarital affair with Roy whilst working for him in the past; Nathan soon reveals this to Roy before making another revelation - that he is Roy's illegitimate son as Jane had later told him that Roy was his father. Thereafter Roy attempts to reconcile with Nathan, but he refuses to get to know his father until Jane soon dies and convinces them to give each other a chance to bond.

The follow-up of Jane's death sees Roy and Nathan develop a father-son relationship as they work closely together in business and family matters. It is then Nathan's half-brother and Roy's son, Barry Evans, begins to grow jealous of Nathan and also resents Roy due to the fact that he went to see Nathan on the day Jane died - as on the same day Barry's wife, Natalie, gave birth to her and Barry's infant son Jack. Soon enough, it becomes clear that Nathan dislikes Barry as well. They have a feud in which Nathan dominates to the point where he constantly humilates Barry, who correctly guesses that Nathan plans to replace him as both Roy's favorite son and also his business partner at the car lot.

However, it turns out that Nathan plans to get revenge on Roy as well over the fact that he knew little of him in the past - as well as Barry due to the fact that he got to knew their father a lot more than Nathan did. Thereafter Nathan begins to seduce Natalie and they end up sleeping together, after which he invites her in his scheme to set up Barry for theft and fraud. Natalie initially goes along with it, as Nathan soon blackmails her into collaborating with his scheme by threatening to tell Barry and Roy about her affair with him. But in the end Natalie comes clean to Barry, and they forgive each other before resolving to expose Nathan's deceit and lies for good.

The couple are able to trick Nathan into continuing with his plan to steal money from the car lot. Afterwards, Nathan will implicate Barry as the perpetuator whereas Nathan would be the one to have successfully uncovered the ploy. He is on the verge of succeeding when Natalie invites him over for a chat. When he arrives, though, Nathan finds out that both Roy and Barry - along with Roy's wife Pat Evans - have been waiting for him as Barry and Natalie had told Roy and Pat about Nathan's scheme. With his plan exposed, Nathan attempts to provoke Barry into punching him. This succeeds, but instead Roy rebukes Nathan for his actions and disowns him. Nathan thereafter leaves the square.


  • He made a total of 48 appearences throughout his time on the show.