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Nathaniel Pratt was a neighbor of Prue, Piper & Phoebe Halliwell.


He first appeared with his dog in front of Halliwell Manor. He allowed his dog to defecate on their property. Unbeknownst to Nathaniel, Prue, Piper and Phoebe were watching him, and Prue used her telekinetic power to flick the dog's feces onto his shoe. He then saw Prue and Phoebe in the window and he left the scene. Nathaniel at Phoebe's execution. Phoebe then had a premonition of the date February 24, 2009, where she was burnt at the stake and Nathaniel at the foot of her pyre. The Charmed Ones then cast a spell transporting themselves to 2009 and learn Pratt, now the San Francisco DA, successfully prosecuted Phoebe for the murder of Cal Greene. He used it as the launching point for a drive to rid San Francisco of all witches, and was considered a favorite for governor in 2010. Following the Charmed Ones returning to their present, they managed to freeze Nathaniel when his dog defecates on his property. To not evade the future they witnessed, they conclude that they should keep an eye on him. When the time of the event occured in 2008, he charged Cal with the attack of Elise Rothman, which was streamed live across the internet. NotesEdit■It is possible that his name is taken from famous author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, who was born in Salem, Massachusetts, and despised his family's legacy because his grandfather charged innocent women to execution after they were accused of being witches. AppearancesEditNathaniel Pratt appeared in a total of 1 episode and 1 comic issue throughout the course of the series.

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