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Our mission never changed. For eons we have done the Master's bidding in secret across countless realities. The Legion, the Scourge, Argus... all pawns in a game beyond your grasp. One that now nears its end. Keep your trinket and your realm. They are dust in the face of our Sire's true ambition. If only you had just obeyed...
~ Mal'ganis

The Nathrezim, more commonly known as Dreadlords, are major antagonists in the Warcraft series. Powerful, exceptionally cunning and intelligent beings originally thought to be Demons of The Burning Legion, they are in reality, made by their master Sire Denthrius, one of the Pantheon of Death. Specializing in infiltration, corruption and deception, the Dreadlords have, in one way or another, directly and indirectly, been responsible for some of the most pivotal moments in the history of Azeroth and the cosmos as a whole.


Countless eons ago, Sire Denathrius, Lord of Revendreth and member of the universe's Pantheon of Death, created the Thal'kituun. Made in his image, they were among the very first denizens of the realm, predating the Venthyr. Created to be spies, infiltrators and masters of deception, Denathrius sent these vampiric demons out into the universe, setting a plan in motion that would take tens of thousands of years to come to fruition.

The Nathrezim eventually made their way to a planet that had been completely corrupted beyond redemption by Old Gods, parasitic eldritch horrors born from the chaos and madness of The Void. It was here that the Titan Sargeras discovered the unspeakable atrocity that these monsters committed, and in his despair, fell to madness, as was part of the Dreadlords' plan. They falsely pledged themselves to the fallen Titan, and for dozens of millennia assisted in the assimilation, and extermination, of worlds.

In time, The Legion set its sights upon Azeroth, all according to plan. Lead by Tichondrius, it was here that Mal'ganis was chosen by the Eredar Lord Archimonde to serve keep the Lich King in check, and Mal'ganis himself set Arthas Menethil upon the path that would ultimately lead to his ruin. During the invasion, Varimathras was defeated and pledged himself to Sylvanas Windrunner, serving as her majordomo while keeping his true allegiance and agenda hidden from all.

After the end of the second invasion, the Dreadlords hid themselves amongst the mortals of the world, with Balnazzar infiltrating the Scarlet Crusade by slaying their leader Saidan Dathrohan and posing as him for many years. It was here that Sylvanas forced Varimathras to slay his older brother, for supposedly, the only way to kill a Dreadlord, was by the hand of another Dreadlord. However, this attack was staged, and Balnazzar retreated into the Twisting Nether.

Upon the third and final invasion of Azerth by the Burning Legion, the Nathrezim returned in force. Tichondrius took up demonic command within The Nighthold to oversee Gul'dan's efforts and to ensure the Warlock would not fail again. Both would ultimately fall there, but unlike Gul'dan who was mortal, Tichondrius retreated into the Nether.

The Dreadlords would not be seen again for some time, until the shattering of The Veil by Sylvanas. When Denathrius was defeated and captured, the Thal'kituun revealed their true loyalties, and their true agenda, having served as his agents since their inception.


Dreadlords were among the most powerful members of The Legion. Exceptional strategists, they fulfilled this role masterfully as well as personally leading the demonic armadas into battle on occasions. They had command over several different forms of Magic and mastery over these schools. These included the demonic Fel magic, destructive Fire magic, dark Shadow magic, Blood magic, the foul Void magic, potent Arcane magic, and were even some of the best Necromancers in the cosmos. They were also masters of Illusions, able to disguise themselves as virtually anyone they wished.

Magic aside, they were also incredibly dangerous in physical combat. Their armor was thick and durable while allowing for free movement. Their claws could rip mortal bodies apart with ease, and their hooves able to crush solid rock effortlessly. Their wings allowed them unimpeded flight, and while they primarily used their hemomancy to feed off their victim's essence, a Dreadlord would not hesitate to outright feast on their foes directly.

Lastly, while not bearing Demonic roots directly, the Nathrezim were still able to employ immortality like the rest of demonkind, in that should they be killed, their soul would retreat into the Nether, where they would once again, and endlessly, be reborn. Unlike the rest of the demons however, being native denizens of the realms of Death, Dreadlords could continue their resurrections even after the destruction of Argus.