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The Natural Killer Cyborg

Based on a dream Porky once had. 'N.K.' stands for 'Natural Killer.
~ The Natural Killer Cyborg's Battle Memory.

The Natural Killer Cyborg is a boss fought in Mother 3 and an enforcer of Porky Minch. It is a powerful and large fusion of technology and organic tissue fashioned (like many of Porky's minions) into a pig-like monstrosity with glowing red eyes and powerful pincers as well as crab-like legs.

Porky unleashes this terrible creature upon Lucas and his friends after tricking them into entering the 100th Floor of his tower, the Empire Pork Building, having insulted and humiliated them over the course of the journey - in typical Porky style, he even insulted Lucas and his friends before setting the Natural Killer Cyborg on them with the intent of destroying them.


  • The Natural Killer Cyborg is the only boss whose secondary sprite is not used during hindering situations.


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