Nature Elementum is the first boss in an online video game Miscrits. He is located in Miscrian Forest, behind the Elder Tree. He appears to be a huge natural looking creature with four pink eyes. His skin is made of grass, trees, flowers, and leaves. He has trees on his back and he has a tail.


Elementum is the first boss in Miscrits. The fight against him starts off with Nature Elementum playing first. Elementum uses its power of Photosynth. It removes disadvantage from the fire element. The player can use a move called Weaken, it will lower Elementum's defense level. If the player did this 5 times, change the player's Miscrit use a move that will give your second Miscrit strength and attack Elementum.

This way the player can instantly kill Nature Elementum. If not, Elementum will use its power of healing, that will totally size up its health at 217.




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