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What we will accomplish today will change the world. We’re fortunate that our family has been chosen to do this. We cannot fail.
~ Navi Araz to the rest of the Araz family.

Navi Araz is an antagonist in Season Four of the TV show 24. He is a member of Habib Marwan's terrorist cell, and the father of Behrooz Arwan.

He was portrayed by Nestor Serrano, who also played Hector Estrada in Dexter.


In his first appearance, Navi receives a briefcase containing a weapon that Marwan wants them to find from another terrorist, and gives it to his son Behrooz, who is to deliver it to Navi's superior. He also has an argument with Behrooz, as Navi believes that he is still seeing his American girlfriend Debbie Pendleton, despite ordering him to never make contact with her again. While Behrooz is making the delivery, Navi orders Kalil Hasan to abduct and torture Andrew Paige, a computer programmer who hacked into Marwan's server. After discovering that Behrooz' s mission was compromised by Debbie's presence, he decides to make Behrooz kill her, but discovers when he gets home that she's already been killed. Marwan later decides that Behrooz isn't devoted enough to his cause, and orders Navi to kill him. As a result, Navi orders a hitman to kill him.

One hour later, Navi discovers that Behrooz managed to kill the hitman he sent, and decides to try again. He has his wife Dina go to meet Behrooz, before having his fellow terrorists ambush and fire on the two. However, the two manage to escape, despite Dina being shot in the arm by the attackers. Navi promises Marwan that he'll kill Behrooz, and goes after him himself. After finding him with Dina's brother Naseem, Navi shoots Naseem twice, killing him, before abducting Behrooz. However, while trying to use Behrooz as a bargaining chip to escape the US government, Navi is distracted by the sudden arrival of Jack Bauer, allowing Behrooz to shoot him in the back and kill him.


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