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You dirty bastard.
~ Navid's most famous catchphrase.
Meena ya dosey cow!
~ One of Navid's many insults to his wife.

Navid Harrid is an anti-villain in the popular Scottish BBC TV series Still Game. He runs a popular convenience store in Craiglang known as Harrid's Convenience Store. He has been working in his store since 1975 and is stuck in a marriage with a wife who he shares a mutual hatred with.

He was portrayed by Sanjeev Kohli.


Naveed was born in the 1940s and moved to Scotland after his marriage to his wife Meena. He bought the store in 1975 however he didn't speak English very well. He and Meena met Tam first before anyone else making him his first friend in Craiglang. The met most of the other residents at Victor's Hogmanay party and began to get to know them better ever since. He like everyone else in Craiglang also seems to fall victim to the town gossip spread by Isa. The only customers he is nice to are his friends Jack, Victor, Winston, Tam and a few others. He even defended Isa at one point after his store was taken over by a big company which was going to fire her for gross incompetence.

Relationship with Meena

Despite loving each other when they first married the two became quite literally an old married couple, with them constantly bickering, criticising and insulting each other. It is unknown why the two are still together.

Most Villainous Acts


In this episode, Navid becomes bitter and jealous over Hyperdales a new supermarket which recently opened in Craiglang. He gets more and more insane throughout the episode and eventually falls into a state of extreme depression making him fire Isa. The residents at Craiglang are furious with Navid and even call him disloyal, this sends Navid into a state of fury leading him to rant to everyone about loyalty and hypocrisy before storming off in rage. He then decides to take drastic measures by burning down Hyperdales with gasoline with everyone including himself inside it. Jack, Victor, Winston and Tam talk him out of this however they do it anyway after being locked in the building overnight and Tam going on a thievery rampage.

Series 7

In one episode in season 7, Navid makes a dangerous alcoholic like drink as a publicity stunt for his store, the drink tastes vile and has dangerous side effects to the point of some going temporarily blind. In the season 7 finale he is seen vandalising the care home the characters (except himself, Tam and Winston) are currently living in after the owner threatens to call the police on him for trespassing as a response Navid smashes the window with a water dispenser and strides off with pride before breaking into a slight run while putting his jacket on.

Final Series

Navid met his end in the final series of Still Game alongside his friends, a time jump shows Navid having passed away overtime. The last we ever see of Navid is him carrying a box of stock into the shop before eventually fading away symbolizing his death.