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As the tree burns, so do we. End the enemy. Calm is the ocean before the storm.
~ The Navori Brotherhood's secret greeting.

The Navori Brotherhood are a villainous faction in the lore of the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

An ultra-nationalist group of thugs and mercenaries, the Navori Brotherhood was originally formed as part of the Ionian resistance against the Noxian invasion, and split off when they believed that Irelia wasn't the aggressive leader they needed. Falling under the leadership of the presumed-dead Master Kusho, the Brotherhood became even more extreme in their methods. Even after Kusho's death at the hands of Zed, they still seek to unify and militarize the once-peaceful land under their rule, no matter what methods they have to employ.



During the first invasion of Ionia, the armies of Noxus decimated the forests and people of the once-peaceful land. Due to a lack of centralized leadership, many called for the formation of a resistance to defend their homeland, and after her victory at the Battle of Placidium, many Ionian warriors and patriots stood with Irelia, who became the resistance leader.

Irelia proved to be a capable leader against the Noxians, but as time went on factionalism broke her resistance apart, as the most extreme of Ionian's nationalists believed the resistance's work was not yet finished even after the war had ended. This faction, soon known as the Navori Brotherhood, sought to completely unify and militarize all of Ionia in preparation for another invasion, using violence to obtain resources and to recruit civilians to their cause. After Master Kusho of the Kinkou Order faked his death, he became the Brotherhood's leader and recruited the most terrifying thugs and mercenaries (such as Khada Jhin) to serve their cause and create terror.

The Brotherhood soon saw Irelia as a hindrance and tried to have her assassinated many times. However, each of these attempts failed, and instead, Kusho would be the one assassinated by Master Zed, his former ally and leader of the Order of Shadows. Zed had witnessed the atrocities committed by Jhin on the Brotherhood's orders and decided he had enough, becoming an enemy of the Brotherhood. Still, despite the loss of their leader, the Navori Brotherhood remains a dangerous organization in Ionia, as they will not hesitate to employ brutal methods to get what they want.





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