Navy is the Rebel Army's leading scientist and a major character in Metal Slug Attack.



Navy originally worked alongside the Professor while he was still with the Rebel Army. After the Professor defected to the Mars People, Navy was promoted to head of the Rebel Army's science division.

Navy is also at some point converted Vita into a cyborg after she was heavily injured in a mission for the Rebel Army

Extra Ops

In the Extra Ops story "Mad Scientists", Navy's lab is attacked by the Professor, who sought to learn more about Vita, but Navy managed to successfully repel his attack..

In "Sadistic Emotion", Navy and Izabella lead an attack the Ptolemaic Army in order to capture and interrogate their new supply officer Sisilia, whom Izabella had taken an interest in. Along the way, Navy fights and manages to defeat Dragunov and Veronica, but the two are restored to full power by Sisilia's music has restorative powers. Realizing they are outmatched, she retreats and drags Izabella away with her.

Another Story


After White Baby seized control of Anima and ran off with it and Amadeus, Navy set out to destroy it to prove herself stronger than the Professor. Upon Navy's arrival at the ruins, White Baby attempts to overwhelm her mind but Vita deploys Sanctuary to protects her. Navy's forces are then attacked by brainwashed Amadeus researchers but Navy and Vita fight them off. White Baby goads them to hurry up, causing Navy to deduce she had a personality modifier, but Vita believes it to be real emotions.

As the two traverse towards White Baby's location Vita detects several Amadeus robots ahead and prepares to fight them, but Navy battles them instead. She soon notices that the robots are regenerating and Vita notes that they usually don't have a repair function. Navy then states that Anima focuses on destruction and regeneration, and theorizes that White Baby has overwritten them with a program. Vita decides to run past the robots, to which Navy agrees and follows her.

Navy and Vita eventually reach White Baby and Amadeus and Navy gets into a hostile exchange with Amadeus while Vita and White Baby face each other. After Vita defeats White Baby and White Baby runs off, Anima breaks free of White Baby's control and goes rampant. Navy then battles Anima with support from Vita and together they destroy Anima, which Amadeus notes will now take years to recover. Following its defeat, Navy declares herself to be the best, only for Amadeus to interject that the Professor wasn't just skilled in battle but unrivaled in technology. Navy then gets into another argument with Amadeus while Vita looks on.

In the Secret Ending, Navy is asked by Beatriz for an energy booster. Navy asks her if she wants an energy booster that will keep her up for 72 hours or one which will allow her to look after Allen, but Beatriz points to a different one she wants instead. Navy tells her that one has poison in it and Beatriz yells at her, though Navy just returns to her experiments.

She later talks with Abigail about Vita's condition when Abigail comes in to see if Vita is ready to be deployed for battle again and blames the Rebel Army for her current condition. Upon returning to her room, Navy finds Vita unconscious from having drunken an energy booster.

False Peace

While experimenting with a mutant subject, Navy suddenly remembers Huge Hermit and instructs the researcher accompanying her to inform Abigail of it.

In the Secret Ending, after the Huge Hermit is subdued and contained in a large cell, the researchers examining it ask Navy to sedate it so it won't escape, but Navy refuses and states she wants to test something on it while it is awake. When the Huge Hermit strikes the wall for a force of 14865, Navy tells Huracan that the average soldier of the army has a power of 50 while a grizzly bear has a power of 2805, and proclaims that mutants will strengthen the shortcomings of humanity. As the Huge Hermit continues to claw at the wall, Navy sends Destrade to go in to put a stronger protector shield around it. After Destrade catches the claw of the Huge Hermit and slams it onto the wall, Huracan asks Navy if Destrade is a mutant, as the device measured her power as 22176, causing Destrade to become offended and run out of the room. Navy tells Huracan that Destrade is 100% human, causing Huracan to say that mutants haven't surpassed humans yet. As Navy is at a loss for what to say, Vita interjects and states that Navy clearly made a bad choice.

What I need to be Myself

Following a battle between the Rebel Army and the Invaders, Navy examined the alien samples she recovered and was pleased at them, as they were equivalent to a Neo Mars People. When Vita shows up, Navy has her deliver the samples to Morden.

Fall of Disaster

During an attack by the Invaders on a Revel Army base, Navy was confronted by Schwarz Metzelei, who took an interest in her for being different from the other humans she had just ate. Schwarz attacks Navy but Navy is saved by Vita. Navy demands to stay in the fight, but Vita refuses and tells her that her safety is what's important. As Schwarz catches up to Navy and Vita, Navy runs off on her own and leaves Vita to face Schwarz, making Schwarz think that Navy is leaving Vita to die. Schwarz mauls Vita but Navy soon comes back with the Iron Vermilion to fight off Schwarz. Schwarz takes an interest in Iron Vermillion and her tail begins to glow, causing Vita to warn Navy to wait, but Navy attacks anyway. Schwarz manages to destroy the Iron Vermillion, but Navy is able to rescue Vita. While Schwarz devoured the Iron Vermilion's remains, Navy carried the damaged Vita away and vowed to avenge her.


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