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The Nazi Leader is an unnamed minor antagonist from the war-time novel and later film adaptation of "the Book Thief" - he is a member of the brutal Nazi Party during the period in which Hitler began to enact his infamous crusade against Jews and other minorities.

The Nazi Leader was engaged in harassing Jews and had his men brutally vandalize stores that had Jewish owners while beating and arresting those accused of being Jewish - this brought him into a conflict with the main protagonist's guardian when he tried to reason with the Nazi Leader over the capture of an innocent man, whom the guardian argued was a "good man", this angered the Nazi Leader and he became violent when the man tried to reach to touch him, going as far as smashing him against the pavement and demanding to know his name, which would have lasting consequences as the main protagonist's guardian was left terrified that the Party would pursue him on the matter.

True to her childlike nature, the main protagonist would later talk with a Jewish escapee who her guardians were sheltering on the matter, asking what her guardian had done wrong and the Jewish escapee replied with "he reminded them of humanity", something that the Nazi Party could not tolerate.

Although never seen again in the film it is assumed the Nazi Leader would of inevitably either died in the future conflicts of World War II or ultimately met his defeat (alongside the entire regime) after Hitler's death, several years after the events of the film.