Nebatakos is the third member of the Eternal to be shown, his real form resembling an octopus. He has six octopus-like tentacles waistdown that he can twist together into two legs to walk with, which he can also unravel to use as whips to attack.

He does not like rules very much, and thus is often seen arguing with Anacondy about his reports.

Physical appearance

In his human form, Nebatakos is a middle aged man. He has has blond hair which is absent from the crown of his hair. He usally wears a honey brown suit, maroon shirt and rose tie. In his true from he has moist skin, a jagged mouth and a 'necklace' whick shoots dark ink. He can also use his arms and legs as ropes to reach enemies.


Invasion of Palmer Kingdom

Nebatakos arrives in the Palmier Kingdom as a meteorite, to find the Rose Pact. He turns a rock into a Hoshina and begins to battle against Pretty Cure. Nebatakos catches Coco, but is stopped by King Donuts bright light attack, later struck by Cure Aqua's Sapphire Arrow. Leaving, he promises to return.

Main Role

After trying invading the Palmier Kingdom, he comes to Cinq Lumière. He delivers basketballs (one of them possed by Hoshina). Kurumi kicks one of the balls (which was a Hoshina) and started to real havoc. Dream, Rouge, Mint, Aqua and Milky Rose fight the the monster and win. He disrupted Urara's dream to be an actor, Komachi's will to deliver Madoka's bag, Nozomi's chance to learn cooking. His demise was on episode 24.


  • Nebatakos is revived in Pretty Cure All Stars 2
  • Nebatakos is similar to Gamao of Nightmare because:
    • Both have an aquatic animal theme
    • Both do not like rules
    • Both have a prehensile part of their bodies ( Gamao: Tongue Nenatakos: Legs)
  • Nebatakos has an affinity for Urara Kasugano's songs, i.e Tobikkiri Yuuki No Door!
  • Both are overweight in human form.
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