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Neckbeard (or Tony) is a minor character in the amazing world of gumball, he First appeared in “The Christmas, where Richard thinks he is pregnant, and despite began a minor character, he has a big role in some episodes

He is voiced by Hugo-Harold-Harrison, who also voiced Tobias Wilson.


He is a fat yellow man with two arms, two pudgy legs, and wears a white tank top

When he's jogging, he wears a pink jogging suit


Tony is rather somewhat narcissistic and rude in the pony, where he is talking to Gumball and Darwin aggressively

Tony is a character often seen jogging tough he sometimes fails to do it.

Tony is also afraid of dinosaurs as seen in the founder, where he panics

He is also shown to be compassionate to Gumball and Darwin in The gripes, where he hugs them tough he still joins the riot

Tony is shown to be a bit rude yet hardworking, but a bit incompetent

Villainous Acts

Tony has caused several crimes in the series

  • In the pony, he refuses to give the disc to Gumball and Darwin
  • In the finale, he joins a group of elmore citizens attacking the
  • In the gripes, he joins a angry mob
  • In the oracle, he is one of the various people hurting Gumball
  • In the completion, he destroys the tuba
  • In the nuisance, he wants the wattersons to go along with various people
  • In the faith, he is a part of an angry riot at the football game
  • In the schooling, he goes insane like many people
  • In the intelligence, he is in an angry mob once again
  • In the decisions, he fights with the blue elephant but quickly fails


  • He looks extremely similar to pikachu according to some people
  • He is also known as Neckbeard



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