The Necromancer is a villain in Castle Crashers (second-to-last boss) and is shown to be the right-hand man of the Evil Wizard. He is able to resurrect the dead.


When the Necromancer and the Evil Wizard traveled through Lava World, the Necromancer resurrected multiple skeletons out of statues to attack the Castle Crashers.

The Necromancer was able to revive the Cyclops out of a lava pit to join himself and the Evil Wizard in taking control of the world.

The Necromancer again traveled with the Evil Wizard, this time through the marsh, where he resurrects multiple skeletons that the Evil Wizard buffs and turns "beefy" to stop the Castle Crashers.

The Necromancer also appears in the Evil Wizard's Castle where he fights the Castle Crashers by reanimating two waves of corpses that are piled throughout his room. When the Castle Crashers defeat both waves he decides to take them on himself, using magic to shoot exploding skeletons and summon skeletal hands from the ground. If the Castle Crashers get close enough to him he simply blocks the majority of their attacks and goes back to using his magic. When defeated he levitates away, but drops his sword, the Necrotana.

Powers and Abilities

The Necromancer is a master of resurrection and uses his powers in multiple different scenarios. His powers allow him resurrect Skeletons from graves and statues and to reanimate corpses. He is also very skilled in the arts of magic, allowing him to shoot exploding skeletons and raise skeletal hands from the ground. He is experienced at combat and is a very formidable opponent to the Castle Crashers.


  • The Necromancer can fly.
  • His boss fight performs like a player, and can be very challenging.
  • The Necromancer is the only playable boss in Castle Crashers.
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