Ned (Croc-Blanc)

Ned-White Fang.png

Ned is a supporting antagonist in the 2018 Netflix original White Fang.

He was voiced by Stephen Kramer.


As Grey Beaver and White Fang arrive in Fort Yukon, they encounter Ned and his fighting dog. They get into a little argument and Grey Beaver leaves. As Beauty Smith asks Ned about Grey Beaver thinking he's better than him, Ned instigates a fight between White Fang and his dog and White Fang wins. Ned then puts him back onto his leash, glares at Grey Beaver, and leaves with him. Beauty Smith offers to buy White Fang, but Grey Beaver refuses. Later, as Grey Beaver is selling mittens, Beauty Smith orders Curtis to steal his necklace. The next day, Beauty Smith and Curtis blackmail Grey Beaver for White Fang, forcing the chief to surrender White Fang.

Ned is last seen gambling over White Fang and one of his opponents before White Fang fights a lynx resembling the same one that attacked Kiche and White Fang.

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