Feel the eye of the needle!
~ Needle Man from the Mega Man & Bass CD data

Needle Man (or Nīdoruman in Japan) is one of the 8 Robot Masters and main antagonists of the NES video game Mega Man 3 as well as one of the 4 additional bosses of the Gameboy game Mega Man II. While originally created by Dr. Light as a robot meant to mine the Energy Elements to be used for Gamma, he has stolen and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to become the violent Robot Master he is now.


Mega Man 3

Needle Man is one of the eight bosses Mega Man must defeat in order to reach Dr. Wily and stop his evil plan. Once the player reaches Needle Man, the latter will ambush the former and begin the battle. If the player had previously defeated Gemini Man and obtained his titular Gemini Laser, it would give Mega Man an advantage against Needle Man because the Gemini Laser is Needle Man's weakness. Once Needle Man is defeated, the player will obtain his Needle Cannon.

Doc Robot

After the 8 Robot Masters are defeated, Doc Robot will take over 4 of the 8 Robot Master's stages including Needle Man's. While neither Needle Man himself doesn't appear, nor does his Needle Cannon provide any sort of advantage in his stage, he is instead replaced by Doc Robot in the form of Air Man and Doc Robot in the form of Crash Man.


Once Mega Man reaches Dr. Wily's castle, the former will have to battle against all 8 of the Robot Masters again including Needle Man. This time, Needle Man's weakness is his own Needle Cannon which the player would have already due to having to defeat Needle Man to reach Dr. Wily's castle in the first place. After being defeated for the second time, Needle Man doesn't appear for the rest of the game.

Mega Man II (Game Boy)

Needle Man appears once again as one of the primary Robot Masters and antagonists the player must defeat. He behaves just like he does in Mega Man 3, however his weakness this time is Top Man's Top Spin because Gemini Man and his Gemini Laser aren't in this game. Not appearing as a boss in any other canonical Mega Man game, it's likely that this is the title in which Needle Man is defeated once and for all.


  • Needle Man is a playable character in Mega Man: The Power Battle once the player defeats him.
  • In a bizzarre case of irony, according to the Mega Man & Bass CD data, Needle Man suffers from Trypanophobia, which is the fear of medical procedures involving injections and particularly (where the irony stikes) needles.
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