The Void be the word, and the word be profit.
~ Nef Anyo's catchphrase.
I was once like you. Poor. Indebted. Lazy. Then, the Void spoke to me. It said: "Work harder.". And so, I did. I earned what I have. And now, Fortuna, it's your turn. Listen to the Void. Work. Harder.
~ Nef Anyo's Fortuna propaganda.

Nef Anyo is a major antagonist in the MMO third person shooter Warframe and archenemy of Eudico, the leader of the Solaris United resistance.

He is a member of the Corpus Board of Directors and the CEO of Anyo Corp. Anyo runs both The Index arena and the Fortuna debt-internment colony on Venus, which he rules with an iron fist.

He serves as the primary antagonist of the Vox Solaris and Glast Gambit quests, as well as the False Profit, Divine Will and Buried Debts events. He also appears as the secondary antagonist of the Deadlock Protocol quest and a supporting character in the Tubemen of Regor event.

He is voiced by Lucas Schuneman, who also voices Tyl Regor.


Nef Anyo wears an extravagant and highly impractical suit as a display of his wealth and power. His relatively benign black insulated suit is eclipsed by a circular blue and metallic cape that connects to his face-revealing helmet, which has a long mechanical beard of sorts attached to it that displays financial data. His eyelids are darkened by black, circular tattoos and a tattoo resembling a thick mustache rests above his lips.


Nef Anyo's boundless greed is only eclipsed by his callous disregard for everything that isn't him and his dangerous incompetence. He frequently boasts of his generosity and humility while having his underlings construct a skyscraper-sized statue of himself. He prioritizes his own life and personal gain above everyone and everything else, and will blame anyone but himself for his own failures.


False Profit

Nef Anyo made his introduction to the Origin System by attempting a large-scale Ponzi scheme, tricking people into making him rich. He claimed to have found a "glorious energy" in the Void and that simply offering any amount of credits will have it shower you with glory and fortune. While the Lotus was concerned for those citizens gullible enough to fall for his lies, the real danger came from the dangerous Bursa proxies Nef was trying to fund this way. By exploiting a small error in the transaction process, the Tenno could force Anyo's system to pay the transaction fee without receiving anything. Nef Anyo was bankrupt not too long after and had to rebuild his wealth all over again.

Tubemen of Regor

When an infested Alad V mustered up enough willpower to shake off the influence of the Infestation, he pleaded to the Lotus for mercy. He offered to reveal the location of Grineer geneticist Tyl Regor's secret cloning labs on Uranus along with additional payment in return for the Tenno sending him Regor's scientific data, which he believes he could use to synthesise a cure to clease the Infestation from his body. Nef Anyo caught wind of this and, not wanting Alad V to recover, offered Lotus the same deal to destroy the data instead.

Lotus left the decision to the Tenno, who could then individually choose to either help Alad V or Nef Anyo. Alad V was ultimately victorious and made a full recovery, thanking the Tenno for their aid.

Divine Will

Nef Anyo publicly boasted of the invincibility of his newest Razorback proxies, daring his rivals on the Board, the Grineer and even the Tenno to destroy even a single one, intending to use the battle footage to impress his investors. While the Razorbacks were indeed invulnerable to Tenno weapons, they turned out to be weak to the weapons of his Bursa proxies. The Tenno exploited this weakness by hacking the Bursas to target the Razorbacks instead, quickly destroying his armada.

Subjugation of Fortuna

Nef Anyo is the owner and ruler of the underground city Fortuna, the debt-internment colony on Venus where the Corpus send those who cannot repay their debts. Those living in Fortuna, known as the people of Solaris, work around the clock to scrape together what little income they can so they can repay their debts and maybe one day go free. Most never do and spend the rest of their life as "debt-slaves", while those born in Fortuna inherit the debts of their parents.

The Solaris live in constant fear of Nef Anyo's taxmen and "repossession". If the debts of a Solaris exceed a certain amount and are unable to collect enough money to get back under that limit before their deadline, their limbs and organs are removed from their bodies and sold off. If they are lucky, they are allowed to continue working by having their missing limbs replaced with cheap prosthetics. However, if even this isn't enough, they are forced to undergo "brain-shelving".

The cruel and unfair living environments eventually caused the rise of a resistance movement called Solaris United, sabotaging Nef Anyo in secret and aiding those under threat of imminent repossession. Of course, Nef Anyo did not tolerate this insolence and did everything in his power to crush Solaris United. He discovered their base of operations in Deck 12 and sent the Exploiter Orb, a massive mechanical spider, to destroy it, crushing the spirit of their leader Eudico and forcing them to disband, allowing Nef Anyo to regain total control of Fortuna.

Vox Solaris

Years later, Nef Anyo had the Solaris work to reactivate the coolant tower in the Orb Vallis above Fortuna in an effort to impress his investors. "The Business", a friend of Eudico and former SU member, called in the Tenno to help. When the tower failed to activate due to him flat-out ignoring the engineers telling him that the tower wasn't ready yet, Nef Anyo became furious and demanded that Eudico, now floor boss of Fortuna and resigned to hopelessness, choose 50 of her least productive workers for brain-shelving to make an example. This impossible choice finally breaks her out of her depression when The Business could not convince her. Once again taking her secret identity of "Vox Solaris", Eudico tells the Tenno to steal a vital component to reactivating the coolant tower during Nef Anyo's grand demonstration on a live transmission. With his troops unable to reclaim the component from the Tenno, Nef Anyo is forced to comply with Vox Solaris's demands, which publicly humiliates him in front of his investors.

Early on in the quest a young Solaris called Thursby, whose parents were killed in the Deck 12 Incident and had inherited their debts, convinced a Tenno to steal some of Nef's supplies for him to sell since he's getting close to his deadline. He's found out and has all of his limbs removed as punishment, only surviving because Eudico and the other Solaris made him body parts out of scraps.

Buried Debts

Nef Anyo's constant drilling and construction projects in the Orb Vallis eventually caused the entire region to become unstable. Rather than fix the situation, Anyo simply dismissed the threat and sent his Raknoid proxies to collect the coolant erupting like geysers from underneath the ground so he can sell it. Eudico alerts the Tenno that if these fractures are not closed quickly, the entire region could detonate and take all of Fortuna with it. The Tenno were able to stabilize the Vallis and found the entrance to Deck 12 in the process. Upon reactivating some of the old machinery, the Exploiter Orb that destroyed the first Solaris United dropped down from above and attacked the Tenno. Halfway through the fight, the Exploiter Orb furiously left Deck 12 and headed towards Fortuna to punish the Solaris for this insolence. It was destroyed before it could reach Fortuna and the fallen Solaris were finally avenged.

Deadlock Protocol

When a power struggle that had erupted among the Corpus Board of Directors puts the Board's decision-making in a perpetual stalemate, Nef Anyo made a bid for the seat of Chairman by invoking the Deadlock Protocol, claiming to be the long-lost son and heir of the late Corpus founder Parvos Granum. Parvos had been assassinated during the Orokin era when his ship's Void Drive had been sabotaged, which allows safe travel through a mysterious plane of extradimensional space where the laws of physics don't apply. In order to prove his claim Anyo suspected that Parvos's corpse could still be somewhere in the Void, having discovered faint signatures of Parvos's personal Warframe bodyguard Protea. To gain DNA proof of his lineage Anyo kidnapped several Solaris, forcing them to travel to the "Granum Void" and reclaim the corpse in his stead, but their visual feed shorted out shortly after entering.

Eudico contacted the Tenno to help stop Anyo's plans and save her people, as he could assume total control of a unified Corpus should he be able to prove (or more likely, fake proof of) his being Parvos's rightful heir. The Tenno successfully entered the Granum Void before Nef Anyo could, being greeted by Parvos Granum himself. He had survived the assassination attempt when Protea used her time manipulation to sacrifice herself and seal both of them in a small pocket within the Void, keeping Parvos alive over all these years. A transmission by Nef Anyo made it through the Granum Void with the Tenno and was ecstatic at seeing his father alive. He told his father that he wants to show him everything he had built and everything he had accomplished in his name, but Parvos saw right through him.

He explained Anyo that he was able to watch him from his pocket space and chastised him for his sloth and greed, the monuments of himself that he had built on the back of others, falling short of every ideal of hard work and self-reliance he valued and had intended for the Corpus. Even if Anyo actually was his son, he considers him completely inadequate to be his heir. While he talked, what remains of Protea had scanned the Tenno and regained her strength, upon which Parvos throws them out of the Void and his Specters invade Anyo's fleet.

Furious, Anyo ordered his men to attack the Specters and offered Solaris United a deal. He would provide the Tenno a weapon capable of destroying the Protea Specter and prevent Parvos from escaping the Void in exchange for a chance to save their friends. When they construct the weapon and return to Anyo's fleet to stop Parvos, Anyo declares the situation lost and triggers the fleet to self-destruct in a last-ditch effort to spite his father while he sits comfortably at a safe distance, also dooming his employees in the process. The Tenno enter the Granum Void just as the ship detonates and defeat the Protea Specter, resetting time to before Anyo activated the self-destruct but also allowing Parvos to escape. Anyo simply sits there in confusion over the sudden disappearance of Parvos and the Specters while the Tenno escape, his plans ruined.

Glast Gambit

The people of the Mycona colony make their living by harvesting and selling infested biomass. Despite living on-board a infested Corpus ship, the Infested seem to completely ignore the colony. This is because the Myconians have a tradition of the "Triuna", which involves infecting a child with a modified strain of the Infestation, the Infested being afraid of the resulting hybrid. It is considered the highest honor for a Myconian. In an attempt to exploit this immunity, Nef Anyo had his soldiers kidnap the children of the colony to find the Triuna and "put them to work".

Ergo Glast from the Corpus splinter faction Perrin Sequence asked the Tenno for help in saving these children and return the Triuna to the colony before it is overrun with Infested. To do this Glast had the Tenno enter as his team in Nef Anyo's Index, a bloodsport arena with a high-stakes bidding war, intending to exploit Anyo's gambling addiction. Surprised at seeing Glast get involved with the Index after he voiced his disgust of it, Anyo cannot resist taking a chance to deprive him of his possessions, allowing the Tenno to enter the Index and used the Myconian children as bids for the competition to keep Glast interested.

Of course, Nef Anyo kept the Triuna herself, a girl named Neewa, for last. He was willing to bid her for the final round, but only if Glast wagers his money, his land and everything he owns, which he gladly accepted. Despite losing every prior round Nef remained confidently smug, which the Tenno soon discovered was because he rigged the goal the Tenno needed to score points, making it impossible to win.

Despite losing everything he had, Glast remained steadfast in his desire to free Neewa and save the colony. The Tenno infiltrated a Corpus vessel close to the arena Glast discovered that held the control codes for the goals, removing Nef Anyo's unfair advantage. When Glast approached him again, Nef laughed in his face that he had everything he wanted from him, but Glast offered to wager the sacred relic the Myconians used to create the Triuna in the first place, all or nothing. Believing the game to still be rigged in his favor, Nef agreed. Without the advantage of his cheating, Nef's team stood no chance against the Tenno and Glast not only reclaimed Neewa, but also his own possessions.


Scoundrels, heretics, believers! Listen! Do you crave redemption? Do you feel that burden of poverty crushing you? You need relief. But how? How can you ask for help unless you first help yourself? Give. Unto the Void. I was once a wretched crewman, breaking my back just to earn a credit. Then, I found that glorious energy. Oh, and when I gave my first offering, how its richness rained down upon me! Do you want what I have received? Do you want it for yourself? Then give. Unto the Void. Let your credits be the seeds of your prosperity. Give unto the Void! And you will be rewarded a hundredfold! The Void be the word, and the word be profit.
~ Nef Anyo's scheme in the False Profit event.
Blasphemy! You must not help Alad purge his body of the Infestation! I have an alternate proposition: I pay you to destroy the labs before Alad can get his rancid hands on Tyl Regor's research. The Grineer lose, Alad loses, and the Void, the Void is pleased. It's up to you Tenno, will you make the righteous choice?
~ Nef Anyo during the Tubemen of Regor event.
Fortuna! You are behind schedule! The final coolant tower must be operational in time for my Investor Showcase. Failure to meet your quotas means one thing: reposession. If you aren't willing to work for your rig, someone else is.
~ Anyo's threat to the Solaris in the Vox Solaris quest.
Nef Anyo here. Like you, I toiled, friends, I toiled, but I pulled myself up, dusted myself off, and purchased. my. future. Join me here, in orbit, out of the dirt, above everyone else. It's just... better.
~ Fortuna propaganda.
Solaris, are you listening? Know that I have plans for you. Know that the Order of Profit safeguards your hope, your well-being, and our shared future. Donate today, with the credits in your account, and the sweat of your brow. Give.
~ Fortuna propaganda.
Vox. Solaris. - our 'interests'... have come to align. Now... this 'situation' is no one's 'fault' and I am not one to point fingers, but my fleet and your workers are facing the same danger... Convince your Tenno servant to reenter Granum's domain, and dis-able that Protea Specter. I have just the thing they'll need but there is some assembly required. You want to rescue those comrades trapped in there and I want to keep the past where it belongs. Dead and buried. Deal?
~ Nef Anyo's deal in the The Deadlock Protocol quest
The Index, it's where investors of faith seek fortune.
~ Anyo's slogan for his Index arena.
The dark-eyed man came today. He tapped the bars and said soon we'd be put to work. Fine! I screamed at him, "only if you tell us what's going on. Are my parents safe?" He just laughed at me and said something about the Void. I wonder what the Mumblers would do to his face?
~ Neewa describing Anyo while in captivity.



  • During the open beta for Warframe, the game's bosses were simple reskins of regular enemies albeit with custom weapons. Nef Anyo was known as "Sergeant Nef Anyo" and a large Crewman that could turn invisible for brief periods of time. When his new design was introduced during the False Profit event, Sergeant Nef Anyo was split into two characters: Nef Anyo and "The Sergeant". The Sergeant currently acts as a boss in Anyo's stead until his bossfight gets an overhaul, which still hasn't happened to this day.


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