Nefaria is one of Count Dregon's wife in the Kamen Rider TV series.


It's unknown how Nefaria ended up with Dregon, but she appears to have worked for him for awhile. She's Dregon's girlfriend, and is in charge of giant dimwitted creatures called Maggots, who usually fail their missions due to their stupidity and clumsiness. Nefaria is very sinister, cunning, and vicious, and won't hestitate to kill Kamen Rider. S



he takes a very different approach than Dregon when it comes to handling Kamen Rider. She doesn't mind causing Dex harm, no matter how much damage is done. It is simply not a limit Dregon is willing to cross, something much evil for even him to handle it. She uses the yellow feather on her helmet as a weapon or to write messages. Nefaria rarely goes into battle but does visit Earth to relay commands to Supernatural monsters. She has sometimes flirted with Dregon, but is often ignored. Her eyes glow really red when angry.


So far, Nefaria has only displayed teleportation.

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