"If anyone had to bear the brunt of his rage, I'm glad I was the one to die!!"

~ Neferpitou, as it died.

Neferpitou is a major antagonist in the anime and manga Hunter x Hunter. The character's gender is ambiguous, and as such, "It" is the pronoun that will be used in this article. It is a chimera ant , and a royal guard to the king Meruem. While it only appears in the Chimera Ant story arc, it plays a significant role in the story and is therefore a major villain for the whole series.


Neferpitou is a chimera ant and possesses features of a human and a cat (no ant-like features are visible). It appears mostly humanoid, but with some cat-like features such as cat ears and a tail. Neferpitou is among the most humanoid of all the chimera ants.

Neferpitou posesses a feminine appearance. However, it is not officially female.


Neferpitou was born to the Queen of the chimera ants. It was the first royal guard to be born. Unlike the other ants at the time, Neferpitou was born already possessing nen. It managed to detect that Pokkle, who had been previously caputed, was still alive, and used its medical nen to probe Pokkle's brain for more information on nen. It later came upon GonKillua, and Kite. Neferpitou immediately tore Kite's arm off and then killed him soon after. Neferpitou used its puppetteering en abilities in order to control kite to turn him into a training dummy for the other ants to practice on.

When the King was born, Neferpitou and the other royal guards immediately abandoned the dying Queen and joined him. Neferpitou kept trying to help the King, which annoyed him, so he tried to kill it. However, the blow failed to kill Neferpitou, which impressed the king. Neferpitou, the King, and the other guards helped the king capture East Gorteau and kill the double who was acting as the dictator in the place of the retired Diego. 

The royal guards started to impliment a plan to gather the citizens of East Gorteau, select the few who were worthy of becoming soldiers for the King, and killing the rest. Neferpitou's role was to turn the soldiers into puppets in order to herd the citizens towards the palace. It was also responsible for using En to detect everything going on around the palace. The hunters which were sent to stop the chimera ants kept stopping the puppet soldiers from gathering citizens, and Neferpitou worked together with the other ants in order to defeat them, but did not succeed.

The King started to play various strategy games while awaiting the selection. He was particularly interested in playing the game Gungi with a young girl named Komugi. The king became very fond of Komugi and ended up tearing his own arm off when he realized Komugi's resolve was greater than his own. Neferpitou was charged with healing the king and was forced to stop using En to protect the palace.

Later, the hunters attacked the palace, and Zeno Zoldyck, along with Chairman Netero, unleashed a powerful attack called Dragon Dive on the palace, which mortally wounded Komugi. Neferpitou tried to attack Netero, but failed. While the King went to battle Netero, Neferpitou was charged with healing Komugi.

While Neferpitou was healing Komugi, Gon came, and was furious at Pitou for attacking Kite and turning him into a training dummy. Neferpitou was desperate to heal Komugi and begged Gon to allow it to continue the healing. Neerpitou broke its own arm to show its sincerity. Gon ordered Neferpitou to heal Kite, and threatened to kill Komugi if Pitou did not cooperate. Neferpitou was terrified that Gon would kill Pitou, and wouldn't let Shaiapouf try to kill Gon by sneaking up from behind. 

After Komugi was healed, Neferpitou and Gon went to where Kite was kept. Neferpitou told Gon that Kite was beyond saving, and apologized to him. As Gon wept, Neferpitou healed its own arm, and then informed Gon sadly that it would have to kill him, in order to protect the King. Gon transformed into an all-powerful adult form. Neferpitou realized that Gon was now powerful enough to defeat the King, and desperately tried to kill him. However, Gon easily defeated it, and brutally beat Neferpitou to death with his bare hands. As it was dying, Neferpitou reflected gladly that it was the one to die instead of the King. It also tried to use its puppet nen to control its body after it died to try and kill Gon, but Killua stopped it.


  • The cover of Hunter x Hunter volume 28 is based on the painting "The Coronation of the Virgin". On this cover, Neferpitou takes the place of the Virgin Mary.