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Welcome. I wish I could promise you a swift demise but, alas, I believe my new partners have other ideas. Behold - the Negative 10.
~ Driscoll to Ben and his group.

The Negative Ten are an antagonistic faction in Ben 10 They are a mercenary team of each of Ben Tennyson's minor villainous enemies he each fought, who are all assembled by a former plumber, now Forever King, Driscoll, to steal a powerful energy and assemble a group of villains who are now sent to attack and defeat Ben, Max, Gwen, and Cooper (a child who was being babysat by Grandpa Max for another Plumber), once and for all.

They appeared in the two-part episode, "Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10". They were led by Driscoll, a former Plumber who was dismissed and became the Forever King, leader of the Forever Knights.


After Driscoll was dismissed by the Plumbers because he was stealing technology, he became the Forever King. He then created a splinter group who wanted to take down the plumbers out of vengeance. Driscoll would later create the Negative 10, a group of villains who have crossed paths with Ben Tennyson, the wielder of the Omnitrix. However, it would later be revealed that Driscoll really wanted the sub-energy, a powerful source to power up his suit, and take over the entire world.

The Team would trick Ben and his family to meet them at Mount Rushmore, where Driscoll revealed the name of Negative 10. Driscoll then lets his allies initiate the attack against Ben, but they are thwarted until Cooper is commanded to attack the Tennysons. The Negative 10 are tricked by Ben and Gwen into fighting over who is the best, and then placed into a force field (excluding Driscoll). The team eventually disbanded, as Driscoll escaped after being defeated by Upchuck, and the others going there separate ways.




  • The Negative 10 are similar to the Spider-Man villain team the Sinister Six. Just like the Sinister Six being a group of Spider-Man villains desiring revenge against the wall-crawler, the Negative 10 is a villain team composed of villains Ben Tennyson has fought that has been brought together so all of them could have a chance to defeat him.
  • The Negative Ten included nearly every main villain except Vilgax and Kevin Levin (who were trapped in the Null Void in the season two finale), Zs'Skayr (who was re trapped in the Omnitrix), Hex (who became an infant) and Zombozo (who's whereabouts were unknown).
  • The Negative 10 is one of the organizations groups that consists of almost every villain except for a few of the other enemies like Vilgax, zs'skayr, Zombozo and few other minor enemies.


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