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Hey, Wonder Woman, f**k you! Now where did I leave my visible jet? Oh, look, there it is. Easy to find!Negative Wonder Woman

Negative Wonder Woman is a minor antagonist in the Adult Swim sketch comedy series Robot Chicken.

She was voiced by Alex Borstein who also voices Lois Griffin in Family Guy and Queen Machina in Power Rangers Zeo.


Negative Wonder Woman first appears in the sketch "Reverse Villains" from season three episode "Losin' the Wobble" where she insults her enemy before heading to her visible jet which she claims is easy to find. She is seen holding two money bags in her hands, implying that she has committed a robbery.

In "Nicky Passion" from season five episode "Malcolm X: Fully Loaded" Negative Wonder Woman can be seen in the crowd at Nicky Passion's seminar.

In "The Rescue" from season five finale "Fight Club Paradise" Negative Wonder Woman is among Fritz Hühnermörder's line of defenses. She can be seen staring at Nicky's corpse from an above floor after he is punched through the door against a wall. When Robot Chicken enters the room and bawks, she screams in terror and flees, never to be seen again.


Negative Wonder Woman is a supervillain with a sassy attitude. She also seems provocative and flamboyant due to her costume which consists of only a mask, sleeves and stockings while her chest, stomach, and groin are fully exposed.


  • Negative Wonder Woman is one of the very few of Hühnermörder's defenses who is not seen being killed by Robot Chicken in "The Rescue".
  • "Reverse Villains" is the only time in the series when Borstein didn't voice the original Wonder Woman whose voice in the sketch was provided by Jordan Ladd instead. In all other sketches, she has been voiced by Borstein.
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