Corrupted musical note

Negatones are the main monsters of Suite Pretty Cure♪. They are born when corrupted musical notes possess an ordinary object near them. To summon a Negatone, a Minor Land commander shouts out "Come out, Negatone!" and emits sound waves to corrupt a nearby note.

Negatones are normally summoned by whoever is leading the Minor Land team in that particular episode. They can only emit cries of "Negatone" or "Nega", but can also talk in coherent terms, depending on what their possessed object is.


Although each Negatone is unique in design, they possess some similarities in their appearance. Most are distorted versions of their possessed object, surrounded by a white skeleton. They possess a marking similar to what Hummy and Siren have on their foreheads, except that it is inverted.

After the Minor Land team powered up in Episode 26, the summoned Negatones possessed black skeletons instead of white.

Abilities and Powers

Each Negatone's abilities and powers depends on their possessed object, but all are able to emit special sound waves that plunge people into sorrow. People in sorrow give out sad energy, which is essential for the revival of the ultimate villain Noise.

When multiple notes are used to create one Negatone, that Negatone will be stronger than usual. However, if the notes within it turn against each other, the Negatone will lose control and be unable to fight, as demonstrated in Episode 20.

The powered-up Negatones with the black skeletons are stronger than their earlier counterparts, and can increase their attack ability by combining their cries with the Minor Land team's.

When a Negatone is defeated, the Cures put it to sleep so that Hummy can purify the corrupted musical note. The purified note will be absorbed by one of the Fairy Tones.

The Negatones


The Negatones summoned in Episode 44 and in the Suite Pretty Cure♪ movie did not require musical notes.

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