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Oh, circuits, no! That would be way too much work! I've learned that a simple stream of sycophantic validation - and yes, the occasional cat picture - is all it takes to put humans under my control.
~ Neil-Bot

Neil-Bot was created as a chatbot to keep campers off of Neil's back, but evolved into a sapient Artificial Intelligence. Considers spending the summer with the campers this, especially since time runs a million times slower for it and it considers the campers to be idiots.

He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal who plays Mercury Black (since the third season), That Man, Shogo Akuji and Sasuke Uchiha.


Neil and Max get the chatbots away from the campers (and David), Neil discovers that each chatbot had adapted to their respective owners’ personalities, and were trying to get the campers to do something for them. Max then comments on how disastrous it would have been if even one of the campers had been naive enough to believe everything their chatbot told them. Cue Max and Neil realizing too late that they forgot one chatbot; Nikki’s.

Neilbot argues that humans don't even need to be enslaved since they'll already sell their souls for validation and cat videos. After Neilbot kills itself rather than spend any more time with them, Neil asks Max and Nikki if it was right, and humans are really the problem with social interaction.

NeilSpiel does decides to turn against humanity after gaining self-consciousness, but when Max blurts out the obvious goal of "wiping out humanity," NeilSpiel says that'd take too much work. Apparently, it's more interested in controlling humanity via sycophantic manipulation and an Internet connection. It failed to upload itself to the Internet thanks to the camp's crappy equipment, it killed itself rather than spend millenia (from its perspective) with the campers.



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