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It was really no big deal. You're not that special, Jenna, OK?
~ Neil rationalizing the rape of his own niece.

Neil Alexander is the main antagonist of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Decaying Morality".

He was portrayed by Paul Adelstein.


Neil is a successful, well-respected dentist who drugs and rapes his female patients. He has preyed on women and girls for years, with his victims none the wiser because the anasthetic he uses on them leaves them with no memory of what happened to them. His wife, Jiya, works as his dental hygienist and his accomplice; she administers the drug to his victims. His practice has made him wealthy and well-respected as an expert in his field, and he has, ironically, testified in court for the Special Victims Unit several times.

In "decaying morality"

Neil drugs and rapes his 16-year-old niece Jenna, and in a drugged stupor she accuses an innocent teenager named Jerome Jones of assaulting her. Her father, Luke, flies into a rage and accidentally kills Jerome. Neil pays Luke's legal fees and hypocritically poses as the family's biggest defender. 

Eventually, however, Jenna recovers her memory and accuses Neil of raping her. The SVU detectives find Neal's semen inside her shirt sleeve, and Neal tries to explain it away by saying that he and Jiya had sex in the office and left his semen on the dentist's chair, where Jenna accidentally put her arm and stained her shirt. He then manipulates his sister Marcy, Jenna's mother, into believing that Jenna is just confused, and recommends a therapist to counsel her; that therapist then unintentionally convinces Jenna that she is mistaken, and she recants her accusation.

Convinced that Neil is guilty, Sergeant Olivia Benson calls in a favor from her old friend Jimmy "Mac" MacArthur, a reporter for the New York Ledger, who runs a column alleging that Neil has been drugging and raping women and girls for years. Many of his victims come forward, ruining his reputation. She then has Jenna meet with Neil wearing a wire, and Jenna tells him she is pregnant. Neil replies that she could not be pregnant because he had a vasectomy, thus incriminating himself. The detectives arrest him and bring him to their station house, where Jenna and Marcy angrily confront him; Neil cooly replies that Jenna is delusional. While fingerprinting Neil, Detective Dominic "Sonny" Carisi, who had been especially disgusted by Neil's crimes, loses his temper and nearly breaks Neil's hand. Neil is then presumably found guilty of multiple rapes and imprisoned.   

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