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Neil Alden Armstrong is a minor antagonist in The Cleveland Show, only appearing in a deleted scene from the episode "Fat and Wet". He is the first astronaut to walk on the moon. He is villainous for lying to his wife about going to the moon so he could cheat on her as well as violently stealing credit from a black man for being the first man to walk on the moon.


In a deleted scene from "Fat and Wet", Cleveland said that Junior was more clueless than Neil Armstrong's wife, cueing a cutaway gag to the 1960's, where Neil Armstrong was at a hippie party, making a telephone call to his wife. Neil said that he was calling her from a so-called "moon phone" and that it would be 10 days before he'd be back home. He also asked Buzz to pass him a "moon beer", revealing that Buzz Aldrin was also a liar. A hippie girl urged Neil to hang up the phone, while looking seductively at him and Neil tossed the phone away, claiming to be floating away in space and then clicked off the receiver. After that, he told everyone that if anyone's going to call their wives, play along with the charade that they're on the moon and then proceeded to fool around with the hippie girl, making him an adulterer.

In "Brownsized", Rallo showed Federline that he was being lied to about Neil Armstrong. What history books don't tell people is that an African-American man named Dickey Darnell was the first man to walk on the moon but the racist Neil Armstrong pushed him aside and took all the credit for himself.



  • The alternative-history jokes suggesting fabrications behind Neil Armstrong landing on the moon play off of the common myth that the Apollo moon landing on July 21st, 1969 was a hoax.


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