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Neil Fletcher is the main antagonist of the 2008 film Australia, along with King Carney

Neil Fletcher


Neil was a greedy and obsessive man who fathered a son, Nullah, with one of his Aboriginal victims who is one of people victimized by stolen generations. Fletcher killed Lady Sarah Ashley's husband in order to obtain property of Faraway Downs and framed King George, who is Nullah's grandfather, as the murderer. Sarah came to Australia along with her husband's Drover to sell property to the Carney empire but she began to bond with Nullah, developing a rivalry between Drover and Fletcher. Fletcher came to take the boy by treating Nullah's mother for beatings before he run away to Sarah who later fired Fletcher as station manager and smacked him with a riding crop.

The next two years, Fletcher swore his revenge against Lady Sarah Ashley by joining forces with King Craney, a cattle baron who wanted Faraway Downs himself while Fletcher started a romantic relationship with Carney's daughter. During the sale, Sarah refused and told Carney that Faraway Downs was her home. Carney blamed drunken Fletcher for being worthless, which resulted in him getting attacked by Fletcher, who pushed him into the water where he was attacked and killed by alligator.

Fletcher and his group pour gasoline on some brush behind the cattle, resulting in a fire that threatened the farm. Nullah and Flynn manged save the farm but and Fletcher and his cronies have thought ahead. Lighting another fire, they cut off Nullah's and Flynn's retreat. Flynn revealed to Sarah that Fletcher is responsible for the murder of her husband. Fletcher married Canrey's daughter for money and the Japanese begun invading Australia, the government planned to sent Nullah and other children to Mission Island, Flecter's wife became friends with Sarah, unaware she was her husband's enemy.

Flecter's deeds were exposed thought the bombing that kills his wife after Nullah, Drover and other children managed to escape from the island and reunited with Sarah. Furious, Fletcher immediately tried to kill Nullah by aiming the gun at him but in the end, King George threw his spear on Fletcher, impaling and killing him.


Neil is played by David Wenham, who also played Harold Meachum in Marvel's Iron Fist. Wenham is best known outside of Australia for playing Faramir in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

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