Neiz is a member of Cooler's Armored Squadron and a villain from the Dragon Ball Z film, Cooler's Revenge.


Neiz was first seen watching Frieza destroy the Saiyan planet, along with his cohorts, Salza and Doore.

Many years later, Neiz and the rest of the Armored Squadron accompanied their master to Earth so as to kill Goku for Frieza's destruction. After they scoured the area for the saiyan, they managed to find Goku, along with his son and friends, while they were camping. When they disappeared, Neiz and his companions quickly set out to find them. During their second fight, Neiz fought against Piccolo alongside the rest of the Squadron and attempted to shock him to death with his electrical shock technique. However this didn't affect the Namekian and he grabbed Neiz's head and used his own attack against him, frying him in seconds.

Powers and Abilities

Neiz has the same abilities as most of the other Dragon Ball villains, superhuman abilities, and energy blasts. He also has a few unique abilities of his own, the ability to withdraw his head into his neck like a turtle and the ability to send a powerful electrical shock into his opponent.


  • Neiz's name, like most of the other characters names, is a pun, in this case, mayonaise.
  • Neiz seems to be modeled after Burter in terms of appearance and personality. Shonen Jump states that he prides himself on his speed and he has a reptilian appearance. He also seems to be modeled slightly after Guldo.
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