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I don't know who wanna keep livin' in this world. The economy goin' down the goddamn toilet. Got disease, war, oil spill, f**kin' food shortages. I bet people gonna start eatin' each other. They probably gonna eat them children first. Flesh more tender.
~ Nelly Ruckus to Huey and Riley

Nelly Ruckus was Mister Ruckus's abusive and obviously suicidal mother, the mother-in-law of Bunny Ruckus and grandmother of Uncle Ruckus, Darryl and Darrel Ruckus.


She reunited with Uncle years after he was kicked out of the house when news of her inpending death came (according to Mister Ruckus she had said so multiple times simply due she suicidal). She criticizes Ruckus for his living habits and follows him to the Freeman's house.

Nelly throughout her whole life had wanted to die because she seen her son Mister as a failure and frequently abused him (which most likely caused Mister to become abusive towards Uncle). After seeing how much more successful the Freeman's were, Nelly decides she wants to die in the house, much to the Freeman's dismay. The Ruckus family come to watch her die (much to Mister and Nelly's delight) which she does after an argument between Mister and Uncle.

Then later at her funeral, Uncle Ruckus stands up to his abusive father who is about to hit him when the injuries he received from his past catch up to him and he falls onto his mother's coffin and dies from a broken neck.



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