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Nelson is a recurring antagonist in Ozark, being a supporting character in season 2, the secondary antagonist of season 3, and a minor antagonist in season 4. He is a hitman for the Navarro cartel.

He is portrayed by Nelson Bonilla.


Season 2

When Helen Pierce tries to request security footage of Camino Del Rio's credit card being used, the desk jockey rudely tells her off, causing her to give Nelson the order to shoot him and steal the camera file recorder. He next appears in a video shown to Roy Petty, injecting his mother with drugs to pressure Roy into abandoning his investigation in the Ozarks. After Wendy bribes Cade Langmore to leave Osage Beach, Nelson blocks the road with his SUV while observing a dead dog. Cade steps out of his pickup yell at Nelson, but Nelson shoots him dead, and reclaims the bribe money from his truck.

Season 3

Nelson appears at a stable to castrate a horse owned by Navarro's rival, the Lagunas cartel. When Marty and Wendy accidentally reveal their illegal operation to Sue, their couple therapist, Nelson poses at "Frank Jackson" for a session. He tells Sue a parable about a stray dog that wanders into his yard, reminding him of "his pet husky" which was hit by a car (the dog corpse present at his hit on Cade), before killing Sue, accessing her laptop to wipe it, and collecting the files about the Byrdes' transactions with her. Later, him and Pierce sink the car she was bribed by Marty with into a lake.

After Wendy's brother Ben reveals the truth about Helen's job to her daughter Erin, Nelson is ordered to kill him. He follows Ben through Marty's casino, but Marty helps him escape, but when he ends up with Wendy, she realizes he is an extreme liability, and calls Nelson to a restaurant where she leaves him to be executed by the hitman. When the deed is done, he accompanies Marty and Ruth the next morning to cremate Ben's body.

Once Marty, Wendy and Helen arrive in Mexico to meet Omar Navarro, Nelson suddenly shoots Helen in the head, to fulfill Wendy's requested assurance that Helen be barred from interfering with Byrde Enterprises.

Season 4

After Omar's betrayal and arrest by the FBI, he tells Wendy that Nelson has standing orders to kill the Byrdes if he is not free in 48 hours. However, this is canceled due to Javier's new deal with the FBI.