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Condemn them, mother! For they know exactly what they do!
~ Nemo's only weak line.

Nemo the Anti-Christ is a character in American Dad!. He is the main antagonist in the episodes "Season's Beatings" and "Rapture's Delight". He was Jeff and Hayley's adopted son but is actually the Anti-Christ, the son of Satan.


In "Season's Beatings", Jeff was seen bringing Nemo in the house, announcing that he'd adopt him as his own child. Hayley and Francine quickly became fond of him. However, Stan rubbed his hair and discovered the numerals "662+4=666", meaning that Nemo is the Anti-Christ. Stan had Father Donovan go to the site of the abandoned orphanage to find Nemo's papers. Nemo sensed their discovery and had the orphanage collapse on Donovan from a really far distance. Before his death, Donovan shared the information with Stan on how to kill the Anti-Christ; with 7 sacred daggers. Stan, Jeff, and Roger went to the Vatican to retrieve the daggers. Nemo discovered that Jeff and Roger were in the catacombs and washes Jeff away with a flood. Nemo was also able to possess Steve into a demonic slave. After Roger found the daggers, he and Stan returned to the house to kill Nemo. While Stan was fighting Nemo, Hayley prevented Stan from killing Nemo by shooting him, even after knowing that her adopted son was the Anti-Christ. At the end of the episode, Nemo was taken in by Sarah Palin. They moved to Alaska.

In "Rapture's Delight", Nemo had grown up and started a 7-year war with Jesus right after the rapture occurred. He had Francine kidnapped and tied up to the ceiling. After the final confrontation, Nemo was killed off by Jesus, but was still able to shoot and kill Stan.


  • In "Raptures Delight", he appears to be modeled after The Riddler from the Batman comic book series.
  • Nemo's name is Omen spelled backwards.
  • He was voiced by Murray Miller.


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