Neo-Helghasts are various Helghasts who have a violent resentment against the Human Race and idolize the Helghan Empire and its founder, Scolar Visari. They emerged sometime in the late 2360s.


In the year 2360, the planet Helghan was destroyed and over 1,000,000,000 people were killed in the event known as the Helghan Terracide. This had ended the Second Extrasolar War with the collapse of both the Helghan Empire and the Helghan Senate (the last leaders of Helghan). The survivors had fled to Vekta and established New Helghan as their home however, there were those who refused to accept their new life. They were so furious at the fall of the Helghan Empire, the death of 1,000,000,000 Helghasts, and the fall of Helghast society and began to idolize a future where Visari's vision for the Helghasts would be true again and his empire would be restored.

The Neo-Helghasts had began to rise sometime during the early days of New Helghan. There was a growing political wing of Neo-Helghasts and it lead to various riots and political tensions within New Helghan. Unsatisfied Hera Visari and her reign over New Helghan, a new organization was made called The Black Hand and quickly became a violent and influential organization/political party during its early days. However, it quickly evolved to become a terrorist organization and began an insurgency against both New Helghan and Vekta increasing tensions in the Vetkan Cold War. The organization had been responsible for many untold horrific terrorist attacks and eventually Black Hand leader Vladko Tyran had been given a new biological weapon and was read to deploy it via Helghan when he was stopped and killed. It is unknown what happened to other Neo-Helghasts however it is most likely they remain active.

List of Neo-Helghasts

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