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The Neo-Nazis, also known as Jack Welker's Gang, are a violent white supremacist gang that appears as the final antagonistic faction of the AMC crime-drama television series, Breaking Bad. The gang's leader was Jack Welker, who had a second-in-command named Kenny, as well as a nephew named Todd Alquist who also served as the gang's primary meth cook. The group was in cahoots with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle who distributed the group's meth to buyers all around. The gang has members both inside and outside of prison and it has a fenced-in complex that serves as the gang's headquarters.


The gang first came in contact with Walter White when he needed to eliminate Gustavo Fring's affiliates in prison in order to ensure his atrocities and affiliations catch up to him. The killing of ten former employees and associates in three separate jails within a two-minute window was arranged. While difficult, the murders go according to plan and all 10 targets are brutally slaughtered with methods such as stabbing, entrapment, and burning.

Following Walter's abrupt retirement from the meth business, Todd takes on the title of primary cook, working with Lydia and a rival of Fring, Declan. Eventually, Declan dismisses Todd and the purity of the meth fell dramatically, much to Lydia's disappointment. After she was unable to influence Declan to bring Todd back, Lydia made a deal with the gang and orchestrated a hit on Declan and his men. The gang stole his operation's meth-making equipment, as well as the remainder of Declan's methylamine. Todd was once again primary cook.

After the gang's operation goes swimmingly, Walter hires the gang to murder Jesse Pinkman who posed a threat to his family at that moment. In exchange for the hit, Walter agreed to teach Todd his ways of meth-making with one last cook. Out in the desert, the gang ends up saving Walter from being arrested by murdering DEA agents, Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez. Jack and his men take almost all of the money Walter had buried in the desert, and kidnap Jesse to serve as their slave cook, and leave Walt stranded in the desert.

Jesse was forced to cook meth alongside Todd as a slave hindered by chains. During his enslavement, he is tortured relentlessly. When Jesse attempts to flee the compound, his ex-girlfriend Andrea Cantillo is killed to punish Jesse.

When Skyler White was working with her husband at the car wash, she sees Lydia Rodarte-Quayle discussing the meth business to Walter despite his retirement. Skyler sternly orders her to leave and to never come back. Several members of the gang, including Todd, break into the White Residence to scare Skyler into not disclosing the fact that she saw Lydia at the car wash to any authorities.

After Walter returns from hiding, following the total destruction of his family and loss of his fortune, he plans to take revenge on the gang for their actions. When Lydia is made aware of Walter's return she orders the gang to take him out. Walt comes to visit the Nazi compound, claiming to supposedly want to show them a new formula for meth manufacturing. The gang were planning to kill him. Before they are able to take him out, Walter calls Jack a liar for apparently working with Jesse Pinkman instead of killing him like they agreed. Jack's ego is challenged to which he brings Jesse in to show Walter that he's really a slave. Walt then tackles Jesse onto the ground, seemingly out of anger. Instead, Walter did this in order to save Jesse as most of the gang gets wiped out when Walt activates an M60 machine gun he placed in the trunk of his car. Only Jack and Todd survived, until Jesse strangled Todd to death with his chains and Jack was shot in the head by Walt in the same manner Jack murdered Hank. Todd's phone receives a call from Lydia, and Walter picks up, confessing that he had poisoned her with ricin when they met earlier that day.


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