Neo Saiba

Neo Saiba is one of the main digimon Adventure V-tamer antagonists. After his sister acident, Saiba don't cares to anything, neither with humans, nor with digimons. His goals is to evolve Arkadimon. His main digimons are Greymon, Devimon, Ogremon, Kokatorimon, Kuwagamon, Arukadhimon.


Neo is one of the best tamers of digimon, and with his partner, Greymon, he fought various battles; but, when Greymon loses various fights, he dismissed him, and only when he goes to Digimon Wold, he gets more partners, like Devimon and Arukadhimon, and MetalGreymon. He used various DNA evolutions. After, Arkadimon was give to him, by Daemon.

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